Cuomo Admits ‘We Made A Lot Of Mistakes’ In New York’s Coronavirus Response But Ignores His Nursing Home Mandate

New York had one of the worst outbreaks in America that was made worse by the policies of Governor Andrew Cuomo, yet he is still being universally praised by the liberal media.

New York had more COVID-19 deaths than any other state due largely to more than 6,400 nursing home residents dying after Cuomo ordered the homes to accept patients who had tested positive.


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Still, most members of the media have ignored Cuomo disastrous decision and have allowed the governor to blame the workers at the nursing homes for spreading COVID-19.

Yet while being honored by Savannah, Georgia Mayor Van Johnson recently, Cuomo finally admitted that he “made a lot of mistakes,” though he claims to have learned from them.

“It is hard,” Cuomo said according to the New York Post. “We made a lot of mistakes, but if we learn from half of the mistakes we made in doing it we are the wiser for it.”

Cuomo did not mention any specific “mistakes” much less his deadly nursing home policy.

“We got assaulted by the COVID virus in New York,” Cuomo said. “The numbers just exploded on us.”


Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean, who had loved ones in New York perish due to COVID-19, has been outspoken in criticizing Cuomo and his nursing home decision.

Dean told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in mid-July, “My husband lost both of his parents. His mom, Dee, in an assisted living facility and his dad in a nursing home. They died of coronavirus alone.”

“We never had a funeral,” she continued. “We never had a wake. We weren’t able to see them before they died.”

“And to see Governor Cuomo on television just this last week talking about his love life and this disgusting poster that is basically a depiction of the 32,000 people who died,” thundered Dean.

Dean has pulled no punches.

“So if a hurricane struck New York and it killed over 30,000 people (including thousands of seniors who were forced below sea level), but then the governor built a sea wall afterwards saying he fixed the problem, would this be considered a huge success?” Dean tweeted Sunday.


When Cuomo went to Savannah to be honored, Dean cited the famous Charlie Daniels song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

Dean also Tweeted a Medium story featuring the “Nursing Home Death Warrants.”


When some media elites appeared to belittle or shrug off Dean’s charges against Cuomo, Fox News’ Kennedy defender her.

“She’s actually a heartbroken wife and mother who lost BOTH of her husband’s parents within days to COVID, because of @NYGovCuomo’s nursing home policy,” Kennedy tweeted. “I think she’s more than qualified. And she’s a kick*** meteorologist.”


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Cuomo has tried to blame others for New York’s high death rate. Even though the New York Times has also tried to ignore Cuomo’s role in the nursing home deaths, it couldn’t help but describe the 6,400 deaths as “one of the most tragic facets of the coronavirus pandemic.”


But earlier this month, the NYT claimed it was “Republican lawmakers using the deaths to try to undermine Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, a third-term Democrat, who has largely been praised for helping New York State to rein in the outbreak.”

Despite Cuomo and his decisions obviously being a significant factor in these COVID-19 tragedies, Savannah Mayor Johnson gave Cuomo a key to the city, saying, “New York State literally went from worst to first and they have shown the entire country and the entire world the way to do this right.”

“Just your presence gives us hope,” Johnson added.

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