Fox News’ Donna Brazile Slams ‘Angry And Excitable People’ Who Want To Re-Open Country

Fox News pundit and outspoken Democrat Donna Brazile recently wrote a scathing column about what she called “the rash of small but disturbing protests” taking place nationwide, blasting lawmakers for “inciting angry and excitable people in order to score some cheap political shots carries a risk of real violence.”

Brazile Has Little Sympathy for Protesters Eager to Reopen the American Economy

“We’ve witnessed the sad spectacle of irate protesters equating ‘liberty’ with shortsighted and selfish urges to deny the harsh reality that the vast majority of Americans are doing their best to cope with the pandemic,” Brazile wrote. “So much for the worst in people.”


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Brazile suggested that citizens who want to go out to a restaurant are endangering lives.

“Meanwhile, the protesters don’t seem willing to put off a haircut, a manicure, a restaurant meal or even getting a tattoo in order to save lives,” Brazile wrote on

Brazile, who infamously received a negative national spotlight for leaking town hall topics to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, accused the protesters of “foolishly” disregarding their own safety.

‘These protests are deliberately fomented by powerful interests for nakedly political reasons’

“The protesters don’t seem to understand that the state government orders requiring us to stay at home except for limited activities – like shopping for food or medicine, or getting medical care, or performing essential jobs – are protecting the health and lives of us all, including the protesters and their families” she wrote.

“These protests are deliberately fomented by powerful interests for nakedly political reasons,” Brazile added.

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Are the Protesters Really Being ‘Selfish?’

“These attempts to cynically appeal to the worst of us are bound to fail,” Brazile noted. “They will fail strategically in the sense that they will harm efforts to contain the coronavirus. They will fail politically by inciting the clear majority of Americans to reject their selfish premises.”

She finished, “And most sadly, they will fail morally by besmirching what it means to be an American at a time of national crisis.”

The overwhelming majority of Americans who seek a reopening of the economy in their respective state are worried about their ability to put food on the table and pay the bills.

They want to go back to work.

Why is it selfish for Americans to want to support and take care of their families?

Of course we will socially distance. Of course we will take every precaution necessary not to endanger others’ health. But part of that involves the ability to survive financially. It isn’t noble to let small businesses and individuals go belly up when there are steps we could take to stop that from happening.

It’s anything but selfish. It’s love of thy neighbor and country.

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