‘I Think Speaker Pelosi Is One Of Those People Who Tried Tide Pods’

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) said that sometimes he wonders if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was one of the people who consumed Tide Pods.

Kennedy Hits The Nail On The Head

Kennedy appeared on Sean Hannity’s show on Tuesday night when he made the comments.

“Sean, with respect, there are times, particularly recently, when I think Speaker Pelosi is one of those people who tried Tide pods,” Kennedy told Hannity, referencing the viral trend back from 2017 where young people consumed the laundry detergent tablets.

“I want you to think about what she proposed today, this is what the speaker is threatening to do,” Kennedy continued. “She is threatening to keep the House Democrats in session and prevent them from going home and running for reelection unless the Senate Republicans agree to the speaker’s $3.4 trillion coronavirus bill.”

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“Bone Deep Down To The Marrow Foolish”

Pelosi and some House Democrats are expected to vote against a bipartisan coronavirus stimulus bill, worth around $1.5 trillion.

“On the one hand we can vote for Pelosi’s $3.4 trillion bill or we can agree to allow her to put the House Democratic majority into jeopardy. That’s just bone deep down to the marrow foolish,” Kennedy added.

“Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi aren’t going to agree to anything until we agree to spend a trillion dollars bailing out New York and California and that’s not going to happen in your or my natural life,” he concluded.

No Tide Pods For Me, Thanks!

It really does seem like Pelosi has been consuming Tide Pods, despite being one of the furthest things from a millennial you can imagine! Although, in fairness, she does seem to share that generation’s egotism and penchant for demanding everything for free!

Thankfully, as one of the first of Generation Z, I can firmly say I have no desire to follow her example of ingesting noxious substances – maybe Pelosi should use them to clean up her act, rather than acting totally off her head!

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