James Woods Starts #KillerCuomo Hashtag Criticising NY Governor

James Woods, the prominent conservative actor, has pushed the #KillerCuomo hashtag, criticizing the actions of the New York governor.

#KillerCuomo’s Policies Have Led To So Many Coronavirus Deaths

New York state has been one of the worst hit states by the coronavirus epidemic. In fact, while other states are beginning to re-open non-essential businesses, schools, and otherwise start to return to daily life, New York has had to extend the lockdown and stay at home orders until at least the 13th of June. Why is this the case? Well, it seems mis-management by Governor Andrew Cuomo and others in the state administration has exacerbated the effect of the pandemic to levels that didn’t have to be seen.

Governor Cuomo’s lockdown plan has absolutely killed people, because of one serious flaw in its design; elderly, recovering coronavirus patients were sent back to carehomes where they then infected more vulnerable patients, leading to hundreds of unnecesary deaths.

James Woods, the conservative actor, decided to slam Governor Cuomo and the administration on Twitter, using the hashtag #KillerCuomo to express his frustrations with the policy that was not reversed in time.

“#KillerCuomo ruthlessly seeded vulnerable nursing homes with virus-ridden COVID19 carriers,” Woods tweeted. “He undoubtedly would have catapulted plague-ridden corpses over castle walls during the Black Death and done so without moral compunction. The elderly skew heavily Republican, of course.”

Woods repeated his insinuation that Cuomo didn’t care about the deaths of elderly people because they vote Republican in another tweet.

“Pretty simple syllogism: if elderly voters skew Republican, and Democrat governors hate Republicans, then… #KillerCuomo,” Woods wrote.

Cuomo Needs To Be Held Accountable!

One Twitter user told Woods of the story of the carehome that his mother lives in, which has 53 confirmed COVID-19 patients, 4 deaths, and 2 floors dedicated to patient rooms.

“Cuomo needs to be charged with manslaughter,” the Twitter user wrote.

“I like the hashtag.” Woods agreed, arguing that Cuomo needs to face the music.

Woods also posted a number of humerous images, further slamming Cuomo and his cronies.

Personally, I hope Mr Woods continues his online brigade against Governor Cuomo – the more pressure he faces for his failings during this time of crisis, the better!

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