Media Takes Trump Comments Out Of Context After He Says It Will Be A ‘Bloodbath’ If He Loses

Uncovering the truth behind Trump's 'bloodbath' remark: Context matters when interpreting his statements on the American auto industry.

At a campaign rally in Dayton, Ohio on Saturday, former President Donald Trump talked about China building cars in Mexico and the high tariffs he would put on those cars if re-elected.

He also said it would be a “bloodbath” for the American auto industry if Joe Biden was re-elected instead. That knowledge is an important part of putting Trump’s words into proper context.

So what did the mainstream media do? Create headlines that did not include proper context that instead made it seem like Trump was advocating or warning of violence.

Check out these headlines in this post coupled with video of what Trump actually said in context:

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What Trump Actually Said

Trump said in Dayton, Ohio Saturday, “China now is building a couple of massive plants where they’re going to build the cars in Mexico and think, they think, that they’re going to sell those cars into the United States with no tax at the border.”

“Let me you something to China, if you’re listening President Xi and you and I are friends, but he understands the way I deal.,” he continued. “Those big monster car manufacturing plants that you’re building in Mexico right now and you think you’re going to get that, you’re going to not hire Americans and you’re going to sell the cars to us? No. We’re going to put a 100% tariff on every single car that comes across the line, and you’re not going be able to sell those cars.”

He’s clearly talking about protecting American car workers.

Trump continued, “If I get elected. Now, if I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole — that’s gonna be the least of it. It’s going to be a bloodbath for the country. That will be the least of it.”

To make clear the context, Trump’s next line was, again, about the car industry.

“But they’re not going to sell those cars,” Trump added. “They’re building massive factories. A friend of mine, all he does is build car manufacturing plants. he’s the biggest in the world. I mean, honestly, I joke about it. He can’t walk across the street and in that way he’s like Biden, but for building a plant, he can do the greatest plants in the world, right. That’s all he cares about.”

“I said, I’d like to see one of your plants recently,” he continued. “I said I’d like to see where can we go? Well we have to travel to Mexico. I said why Mexico? He said, because that’s where the big plants are building. China is building really big plants in Mexico and Mexico’s building. What about here? Well, we’re building much smaller plants here.”

“Can you believe it? Can you believe it?” Trump finished.

The media’s attempt to spin Trump’s bloodbath comment into some kind of warning or call for violence did not go unnoticed.

Again, people were on to this attempted hoax.

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Why do mainstream media outlets so intentionally mislead their audiences?

Because they are state media and comms departments for the Democratic party who see their role as defeating Donald Trump in November.

And they wonder why legacy media is dying as independent journalism flourishes.

And why their boss Joe Biden might not be president anymore come January next year.

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