Megyn Kelly Rips MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow And Jen Psaki For Mocking Concerns About Illegal Immigration

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The former Fox News host Megyn Kelly is speaking out to slam MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, and Jen Psaki for “scoffing” and “sneering at this notion that Virginia voters are going to vote based on immigration.”

Kelly Destroys MSNBC Hosts

While covering Super Tuesday that night, Psaki made Maddow and Reid burst out laughing when she said,  “I live in Virginia. Immigration was the number one issue.”

“Well, Virginia does have a border with West Virginia, a — very contested area,” Maddow replied.

A recent Gallup poll found that voters are currently saying that immigration is the top issue in the country, according to The New York Post. Kelly fired back at the smug MSNBC hosts by mocking the idea that “migrant crime is not a thing.”

“The most disgusting comment of the night, and that’s saying something because MSNBC is really giving itself a run for its money each night,” Kelly said. “They all trickle down on who could be the worst. You’ve got three of the faves, Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow and Jen Psaki scoffing, just sneering at this notion that Virginia voters are going to vote based on immigration or care about immigration.”

“’Migrant crime is not a thing.’ Tell it to the family of the 14-year-old girl in Campbell County, Virginia, who was just sexually assaulted by an illegal from Venezuela, who’s now been arrested and charged after he crossed illegally into El Paso, Texas, in September of 2003,” she continued. “It was September and released into the United States by the feds … they laugh and sneer at their own peril. They’ll learn in November what the truth is.”

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‘They’ll Learn In November’

Kelly went on to warn the MSNBC personalities that they “laugh and sneer at their own peril.”

“They’ll learn in November what the truth is,” she stated.

Not stopping there, Kelly proceeded to single out Reid in particular.

“You see, the Republicans want to get all the blacks out of the colleges,” Kelly said sarcastically. “This is so absurd. It’s so insulting, but it’s kind of hard to get insulted by Joy Reid now.”

“She’s just such a comical figure … Everything is reduced to race,” she continued. “You’re upset about illegal immigration? You don’t like brown people. You’re upset about illegal immigration? You want Blacks out of colleges. What are you saying? ‘All the Blacks in the colleges are illegal immigrants?’ If I said that, you’d be calling me a racist pig, Joy Reid. It’s no better when you say it.”

Check out this full segment in the video below.

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The Wrap reported that this was partly in response to comments that Reid made earlier in the week.

“Republican voters don’t vote that way. They don’t vote based on economics or based on the benefits they’re getting economically from the president,” Reid said. “They’re increasingly, from the tea party on, they’re voting on race. They’re voting on this idea of an invasion of brown people over the border.”

“The idea that they can’t get whatever job they want, a Black person got it, therefore drive all the Black folks out of the colleges, get rid of DEI. That is what they’re voting on,” she added. “They’re just voting specifically on racial animus at this stage. It isn’t about economics.”

It’s truly disturbing that MSNBC continues to give a platform to ignorant race-baiters like Reid, Maddow, and Psaki. No wonder nobody watches MSNBC anymore!

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