The Political Chameleon That Is Kamala Harris

I don’t know which Kamala Harris will show up during the campaign season, but you can best believe it won’t move wagon carts.

Black Americans that have grown up privileged are not claiming to have shared experience of poverty, busing, housing projects, racism, or any of the other challenges that most of us have faced. In Harris’ case, she is only associated with them by a slight increase in melanin.

Her willingness to exploit her skin tone with people that, in any other way has zero association with her is disgraceful. Her family OWNED slaves in Jamaica. Let me repeat; her family OWNED slaves in Jamaica. ANY dismissal of her connection to slavery is hypocritical.

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The left has rabidly pursued connections to slavery in all things, statues of people are long dead to book burning on the subject. I can say with absolute certainty that if Donald Trump had a similar connection, there would be a massive outcry about it.


She should not have accepted the Democratic vice presidential nomination if she genuinely believed what she said about Joe Biden, but her ambitions far outweigh her principles.

Late-night television host Stephen Colbert asked her about it, and she laughingly said, “It was a debate! Ha, ha. It was a debate! Ha, ha.” In other words, you have to lie, cheat, and punch below the belt to win. So she throws away her “convictions” when it is expedient to get ahead.

Imagine that – a politician that is not only capable of changing viewpoints but also is respectful of balancing her personal opinions with those she has been tasked to represent. Pathetic.


Many feel that Biden should have chosen outgoing Hawaiian Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

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Gabbard checks off Biden’s ridiculous “woman of color” requirement. She would have brought votes to the ticket instead of repelling them like a modern-day Medusa. But Gabbard is persona non grata at her party. Pity.

But I think that we all knew, left and right, that he would pick Harris, a person just as Black American as Shaun King. Isn’t identity politics wonderful? Biden eschewed accomplishment for skin color and lady parts. The man wasn’t smart when he was cognizant of his surroundings; today, he’s an assistant village idiot in training.

Perfect. Just perfect.


Whether you support President Trump or not, I implore you to give him your vote and say a prayer for his health because if either Biden or Harris ever gets closer to the White House than the guided tour, this Republic is in big trouble.

There is a reason our Founders established a Republic instead of a Democracy as the model for this nation. It was to keep something like this from happening, in the end. That is to say, to stay temporary politicians and a mobocracy from fundamentally changing our worldview and culture at every whim and fancy that comes down the pike.

Well, the pike is full of pikers, and we are on the verge of losing the greatest culture and most effective guarantor of liberty in world history. “Bye-bye, Miss American Pie!”


Not only are the Democrats determined to win, but they will also contest Trump’s win for weeks, if not months, by way of their army of lawyers. If they can’t steal the election using that route they will call for and lead THE SECESSION of blue states from the United States.

Sounds crazy? Sounds impossible?

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Rep. Nancy Pelosi has already said that one way or another, her Democrats will “fumigate” President Trump out of the White House and that SHE is number two in line for the presidency. Not number three, number two. In other words, she is saying in no uncertain terms that a coup will remove Trump.


Donald Trump is the only person in my lifetime who ran for public office because he sincerely wanted to help the country – not because he wanted to further his political ambitions, of which he has none.

Trump is the candidate the founders envisioned. He was successful out of politics, then jumped into politics, then goes back out to live under the laws he helped pass, never to venture into the political realm again.

The old joke about Obama was that somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing its idiot. The Democrat Party and its propaganda arm, the MSM, is starting to look like a grand gathering of village idiots.

Isn’t there some kind of grounded bird that gathers in groups? One will pop its head up and hoot, then a few more, and suddenly they’re all doing the same thing? Or is that just some old Merry Melodies cartoon?

In any case, that’s what we have in America today. A bunch of brain dead morons parroting each other, hopefully on the verge of extinction. Grab the popcorn.




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