Tom Cotton Trolls New York Times With Anti-Biden Ads

Senator Tom Cotton trolled the “woke children that apparently now run” the New York Times by placing anti-Biden advertisements on the site.

Cotton: Writers “Need To Behave Like Grown-Ups, Not Like Children”

An opinion piece by Senator Cotton that was published in the Opinions section of the New York Times calling for a crackdown on Black Lives Matter rioters, recently sparked uproar and outrage from the writers at the newspaper. Staff members claimed that it put “black lives” at the organization in danger, with many staging walk-outs in protest.

Speaking to Fox News, Cotton said that “this all goes back to the publisher and his own willingness to stand up to a bunch of 20-year-olds and 30-year-olds who were raised on social justice seminars on our campuses,” arguing that the writers “need to behave like grown-ups, not like children, who are confronted with an opinion that they don’t like.”

Cotton proceeded to troll the snowflakes at the New York Times, by placing a number of anti-Biden advertisements on their site.

“While we were concerned that the woke mob would stifle debate, it’s admirable that the New York Times will run these ads from Senator Cotton’s PAC,” a top advisor for Senator Cotton told the Washington Free Beacon. They added that the senator and his team are “grateful to the New York Times for sharing Senator Cotton’s message that Joe Biden is too confused to be president.”

His trolling didn’t stop there. In a response to the State Department re-opening its consulate in Nuuk, Greenland, Cotton thanked the New York Times Opinion section for publishing his op-ed from 2018 about why the US should buy the island from Denmark.

A Perfect Response!

This is really the best response to crying leftists who get upset at free speech. Mocking them widely online, and trolling them, is exactly what they deserve. Crybabies on the left who whine about free speech should be responded to like the children they are.

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