Carnival of Souls 1962 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

Carnival of Souls 1962 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

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She Escaped Death. Now It Wants Her Back!
She Was A Stranger Among The Living.
A “New Wave” picture you CANNOT forget!
A sensation about a new dimension!!
Is there death afterlife?
A story so unusual it will burn itself into your mind
A weird tale of the unnatural
A picture that will haunt you

After a traumatic accident, a woman becomes drawn to a mysterious abandoned carnival. —Mystic80

Mary Henry (Candace Hilligoss) ends up the sole survivor of a fatal car accident through mysterious circumstances. Trying to put the incident behind her, she moves to Utah and takes a job as a church organist. But her fresh start is interrupted by visions of a fiendish man (Herk Harvey). As the visions begin to occur more frequently, Mary finds herself drawn to the deserted carnival on the outskirts of town. The strangely alluring carnival may hold the secret to her tragic past.

Synopsis: Spoilers?
While out for a drive, three girlfriends get into a car race with two boys. As the car chase takes them down backroads, they come to a bridge. Trying to get across it, the girl’s car ends up crashing through the side and the car sinks into the water.

Some time afterward, a search party is brought out, but after several hours, there appears to be no sign of the car. However, things take a turn for the surprising, when one of the girls, Mary Henry (Candace Hilligoss), emerges from the water, cold and shaken. Some people ask her questions, but she does not give any answers at that time.

Some time afterward, Mary gets a job as an organ player in Utah. Before she leaves, she stops by the organ factory in town and places their organ for them. The place she is going to has an organ made from the same factory as well. When the Factory owner requests that Mary come back some time to play for them again, she claims she will not be returning.

Mary then takes off on her trip. As she nears Salt Lake City, Utah, her vision is drawn to a dark pavilion lying back away towards the horizon. As she glances out the passenger side window, she is shocked to see a man staring in at her! Mary turns away and looks back, but the figure is soon gone. However, Mary is shocked again when the same figure appears on the road in front of her, causing her to drive off the road. Collecting herself, Mary gets back on the road and heads towards Salt Lake City.

Mary’s rooms at a residence presided over by a woman named Mrs. Thomas (Frances Feist). There is another person rooming at the house, a rather slimy warehouse worker named John Linden (Sidney Berger).

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Plot: Spoilers?
In Kansas, Mary Henry is riding in a car with two other young women when two men challenge them to a drag race. During the race, the women’s car plunges off a bridge into a river. Three hours after the police start dredging the water to look for them, Mary miraculously surfaces on land, but cannot remember how she survived.

Mary moves to Salt Lake City, where she has been hired as a church organist. While driving through the desert, Mary’s radio starts playing nothing but strange organ music, and she has visions of a ghoulish, pasty-faced figure (simply called “The Man” in dialogue). She also sees a large, abandoned pavilion on the shores of the Great Salt Lake. A gas station attendant tells her the pavilion was first a bathhouse, then a dance hall, and finally a carnival before it closed.

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