Dinosaurus! 1960 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

Dinosaurus! 1960 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

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Alive With Thrills!
ALIVE – – after 70 million years!
ALIVE With Thrills That Started a Million Years Ago!
SEE what happens when a prehistoric man meets a modern girl!
SEE…the battle between primeval beast and monster machine! The taming of a giant sixty-ton Brontosaurus by a small boy!
Today’s most astounding adventure…that started a million years ago!

After undersea explosions near a Caribbean island, prehistoric creatures are unleashed on the unsuspecting population. Freed from his watery tomb, as well, is a very friendly Neanderthal man who proceeds to befriend a local orphan boy. The boy, Neanderthal, and irritated dinosaur make for an interesting dramatic climax. —Chris Sales (csales@csun.edu)

Lightning brings to life a brontosaur, a tyrannosaur, and a caveman (Paul Lukather) in the 20th century.

Synopsis: Spoilers?
Bart Thompson heads an American construction company helping to modernize a small island in the Caribbean. Despite the islanders’ appreciation of the project, corrupt island manager Mike Hacker, upset that he cannot profit from Bart’s work, seeks to sabotage it.

One day, just as Bart sets off a series of underwater explosions, his girlfriend, Betty Piper, arrives in a motorboat. Bart motors out to warn her, but she is angered by his brusqueness and, not understanding the danger, dives into the water. She spots a monstrous being underwater and faints, but Bart has followed and is able to rescue her. Bart sends his assistant Chuck to investigate, then argues with Hacker about his attempts to hinder the project. Chuck interrupts to report the discovery of two dinosaurs preserved in ice at the bottom of the channel. Guessing that compressed gas has kept them intact for thousands of years and the explosions have blasted through the rock containing them, Bart orders them to be excavated.

As the bodies are exhumed, Julio, Hacker’s young charge, identifies the first dinosaur as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the second as the herbivorous Brontosaurus. Bart hires local drunkard O’Leary to watch over the bodies for the evening, and while everyone retires to Chica’s restaurant, Hacker spots the frozen form of a Neanderthal man hidden in the debris. After concealing it in the bushes, Hacker plots with cohorts Jasper and Mousey secretly to transport the caveman to the mainland and sell him to a museum. Emboldened by his plan, Hacker next threatens to press false charges against Chica with the island authorities if she does not agree to be his girlfriend.

At the restaurant, Bart and Betty are discussing dinosaurs with Julio when Hacker enters and beginning to beat the boy. While Bart holds Hacker back, Julio flees into the jungle. Meanwhile, O’Leary spots the dinosaurs begin to stir but assume he is delirious from the DTs.

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Plot: Spoilers
The film is about American men building a harbor on a Caribbean island when they accidentally uncover two dinosaurs that have been frozen in suspended animation for millions of years. They are a Brontosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus rex. That night, during a storm, the beasts are struck by lightning and come back to life. The islanders have no idea that the dinosaurs are alive because of the storm and are now roaming the island. Also awakened is a caveman (Gregg Martell) who befriends Julio, an island boy, and along with the Brontosaurus. The caveman dies while holding a beam in a collapsing mine, allowing others to escape. Meanwhile, the islanders have found refuge from the Tyrannosaurus by hiding in the old fortress, which is protected by a ring of burning fuel. To ensure the Tyrannosaurus does not get in, the hero Bart (Ward Ramsey) drives out to face the beast in a mechanical digger. They duel on the edge of an island cliff and, after a tense fight, the Tyrannosaurus is knocked into the water, ending the island terror.

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