Doctor Blood's Coffin 1961 — A Sci-fi / Horror Full Length Movie

Doctor Blood’s Coffin 1961 — A Sci-fi / Horror Full-Length Movie

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A Monster created from the depths!
We dare you to look into…Doctor Blood’s Coffin

People are mysteriously disappearing near a remote Cornish village, where a scientist is experimenting with reviving the dead. —

After being thrown out of medical school for ethical violations, Dr. Peter Blood (Kieron Moore) returns home to a small Cornish village, where he sets up a research laboratory in a secluded cave. There, he attempts to revive the dead, using kidnapped humans — who he views as unworthy of life — for their body parts. Specifically, their hearts. Dr. Blood eventually succeeds, but his progress is threatened when Linda Parker (Hazel Court), his ill father’s nurse, discovers his ghastly crimes.

Synopsis: Spoilers?
A surgeon is operating on a patient. He removes the lid from a container, and inserting a syringe, fills it from the contents. Professor Luckman (Paul Hardtmuth) enters and warns the surgeon he must not carry out the experiment. It is revealed that the surgeon, Dr. Peter Blood (Kieron Moore), was the brilliant and vain student of the professor but wanted to carry the experiments on animals further by involving humans. Peter insists the professor wanted to see the experiment go further but needed his help and inspiration. Luckman tells him that no one has the right to kill another for any reason and for him to get out. Peter is warned that he will be reported to the police if not. He leaves reluctantly.

Peters’s father, Dr. Robert Blood (Ian Hunter), drives to work in the village of Porthcarron where a group of people has gathered. His nurse Linda Parker (Hazel Court) approaches the car and informs him that Hanson (John Ronane) is missing from the village and that Sgt. Cook (Kenneth J. Warren) wants to talk to him. He hands over the replaced supplies that were stolen from his office to Linda to carry in. As she enters the office, Peter is seen taking a bottle of glucose from the refrigerator. Because she almost caught him, he had to quickly hide behind a door. She enters and sees the fridge door left open. Looking around the office, she is unable to locate the bottle and goes outside to tell Dr. Robert, who announces the theft to the men discussing what has been happening. Peter watches from a window.

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Plot: Spoilers?
Strange crimes are occurring in Cornwall. Doctors’ surgeries are being burgled and people are disappearing. No-one knows it yet, but the stolen medical supplies have been used to set up a laboratory in the disused Porthcarron Tin Mine and the missing people have been taken there after being immobilized with a drug.

Into this situation comes young Dr. Peter Blood (Kieron Moore), fresh off a biochemistry research grant in Vienna. He’s a Porthcarron native and his father Robert (Ian Hunter) is the village doctor. Robert is assisted by a young widowed nurse, Linda Parker (Hazel Court),

Police Sgt Cook (Kenneth J. Warren) is investigating the crimes. Peter eagerly volunteers to help search the tin mines for the latest missing man, George Beale (Andy Alston). But Peter’s motive is not altruistic: he wants to prevent Cook from discovering the lab in the mine, for Peter is behind the thefts and disappearances.

Inside the mine, Peter finds Beale slowly crawling away, but cannot stop him as Sgt Cook is too near. Beale drags himself outside. Searchers call Peter to render medical assistance. As Beale mumbles incoherently, Peter injects him with something and pronounces him dead, then offers to do the post mortem. Meanwhile, Robert is unable to analyze the contents of a broken syringe, stolen from his office, and found in Beale’s room. He takes it to Plymouth Hospital for a full analysis. Then Linda finds a curious clay container. Peter explains it away as a gift from a schoolmate – an ancient South American curare container.

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