Dragonwyck 1946 — A Mystery / Crime Movie Movie Trailer

Dragonwyck 1946 — A Mystery / Crime Movie Movie Trailer

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Secret thoughts… That led to secret love… That led to rapture and terror!

IMDb Rating: 7.0 out of 10

A simple Connecticut farm girl is recruited by a distant relative, an aristocratic patroon, to be governess to his young daughter in his Hudson Valley mansion. —Gabe T. (duke1029@aol.com)

In 1844, the Wells family lives on a small farm of their own in Greenwich, Connecticut, and the sons and daughters have a rigid discipline and religious education from the patriarch Ephraim Wells. When his wife Abigail Wells receives a letter from her wealthy distant cousin Nicholas “Nick” Van Ryn inviting one of her daughters to live with his wife Johanna Van Ryn and him nursing their daughter Katrine Van Ryn, the naive Miranda Wells gets excited with the perspective of traveling. Her mother convinces Ephraim to let her go and Miranda travels with her father to New York. They meet Nick and they learn that he is a patron of farmers at the Hudson Valley. Then Miranda travels to the Dragonwyck mansion where she is introduced to the voracious Johanna and the sweet Katrine and to the housekeeper Magda. Miranda also meets Dr. Jeff Turner, who is a sort of leader of the farmers that work for Nicholas, in a party and befriends him. Soon she notes that Katrine is neglected by her parents. When Johanna gets mysteriously ill and dies, Miranda returns home. But the atheistic Nick visits her family to propose to marry her. Now Miranda’s dream comes true and she gets married to him and moves to Dragonwyck. Will they live happily ever after —Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In 1844, farmer’s daughter Miranda Wells is invited by Nicholas Van Ryn, a distant relation, to live in his mansion as a companion to his daughter. Arriving in high hopes, Miranda finds the Van Ryn’s a bit strange. The parents barely know their daughter, Katrine; Nicholas faces a revolt of his tenant farmers; the servants hint darkly of curses and visitations. And what does Nicholas really do up in his tower room? —Rod Crawford (puffinus@u.washington.edu)

When Miranda Wells is invited to live with her dark and charming distant cousin Nicholas Van Ryn in order to school his daughter at his Dragonwyyck manor, she is a naive farm girl. As she watches the dark secrets of the house unfold, she becomes more aware of selfishness, desire, and insanity while becoming more involved with Nicholas. The closer Miranda grows to the community and the Van Ryns, the more she wishes she had never set foot in Dragonwyck. —Max Vaughn

Rating Rotten Tomatoes: Tomatometer: NR
Audience Score: 69%

For Miranda Wells (Gene Tierney), moving to New York to live in Dragonwyck Manor with her rich cousin, Nicholas (Vincent Price), seems like a dream. However, the situation gradually becomes nightmarish. She observes Nicholas’ troubled relationship with his tenant farmers, as well as with his daughter (Connie Marshall), to whom Miranda serves as a governess. Her relationship with Nicholas intensifies after his wife dies, but his mental imbalance threatens any hope of happiness.

Plot: Spoilers?
Raised in 1844 Greenwich, Connecticut by her strait-laced low church parents, Ephraim (Walter Huston) and Abigail (Anne Revere), Miranda Wells (Gene Tierney) is a farm girl who often daydreams of a more romantic and luxurious life outside the farm. Miranda gets her opportunity when her mother receives a letter from their distant cousin Nicholas Van Ryn (Vincent Price), a wealthy patron in Hudson, New York. Miranda manages to convince her parents to let her go to Nicholas’s estate of Dragonwyck manor as a companion to his eight-year-old daughter Katrine (Connie Marshall). Over time, Miranda learns that Nicholas and his wife Johanna are estranged from each other and from their daughter.

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