Fireplace 4K | Relaxing Crackling christmas fireplace Sounds for Sleeping and study

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Hello! Welcome to channel Relax music. Enjoy the ambience of Relax music with the sounds of rain, thunderstorm and fireplace to study, sleep or relax after a day. We hope this will bring time to relax and inspire creativity in your life. We will be very grateful if you leave comments and we will try to bring better videos.
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6 reasons to install a fireplace in your home
1. Fast heating up
You can use a fireplace as an additional source of heat, but its efficiency is low – only 15%. However, it starts to radiate heat immediately after firing and will be very useful in a country house to warm up quickly.
2. Ventilation of the room
The fireplace is a source of smoke and carbon monoxide, so its design requires a direct chimney. This results in a large amount of air flowing through the firebox, which improves ventilation in the room. Thanks to the fireplace and the great draft it creates, there will be no dampness or mold in the room. This is especially true for the first floor of a private home, as it draws the most damp from the ground.
The fireplace creates an atmosphere of coziness, peace and security in the room. In our minds fire is firmly associated with something useful and important. Since as far back as the stone age, people have made fires to light their dwellings, keep warm, cook food, ward off wild animals, or manufacture useful objects.
4. the therapeutic effect
An open fireplace with crackling wood immediately evokes a lot of positive emotions. It is not without reason, they say, that you can watch the fire burning forever. Medical experts say that fireplaces have a beneficial effect on overall health and mental well-being. Contemplation of the living fire brings peace, tranquility and good restores the nervous system and healthy, strong nerves – is half the health of the entire body.
In addition, because the fireplace improves air circulation throughout the house, the room does not hold pathogenic bacteria, viruses and increases the amount of oxygen. With a fireplace, the chances of getting acute viral illnesses are lower than in a home without a fireplace.
A fireplace also dries the air, which is especially important for people suffering from respiratory diseases and bronchitis. Humid air is a favorable environment for these diseases, and warming the fireplace, you will completely get rid of these problems. Thus, having a fireplace in the house keeps the whole family healthy.
5.Ease of use
What are the good things about factory-made fireplaces and why do they cost so much? The fact is that factory fireplaces are designed by engineers from multiple points of view. First, it is completely safe for those around you because it has a thick insulating layer of sidewalls, and the fireplace doors are double glazed and you won’t get burned. Secondly, the fireplace is designed to completely exhaust smoke and carbon monoxide, even if the fire goes out and the wood is still smoldering. The fireplace has a comfortable loading window and grate, under which the ash collector is located. It collects absolutely all the ash and is easy to remove and clean.
Fireplace is a fashionable detail of the interior, is not cheap and requires additional space. Mostly put them people are not poor, thus showing their status. Working fashionable fireplace installed in the living room or hall, immediately attracts envious glances of guests and is the center of attention to the delight of owners.

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