Flight to Mars 1951 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

Flight to Mars 1951 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

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Fifty Years Into The Future!
The Most Fantastic Expedition Ever Conceived by Man!

Five astronauts successfully fly to Mars where they encounter seemingly friendly and advanced inhabitants who harbor covert plans to use their ship to invade Earth. —Gabe Taverney (duke1029@aol.com)

A newspaper reporter and a bunch of scientists fly a rocket to Mars just to find out that Martians look exactly like us. Mars is running low on one of their natural resources (Corium), and plan to steal the Earth astronauts’ rocket and conquer Earth. The Martian underground helps the Earthmen stop the insidious plan. —Marty McKee (mmckee@wkio.com)

A space ship carrying four scientists and a wisecracking news reporter lands on the planet Mars and discovers signs of an underground civilization. They are greeted by its apparently friendly population and made to feel welcome while they repair their ship for the voyage home. Dr. Jim Barker, the expedition’s leader, falls in love with the beautiful Alita, daughter of Tillamar, an influential member of the Martian governing council, and learns that Ikron, the council’s militant leader, plans on using the repaired ship to invade the Earth. Natural resources on Mars are dwindling, and unless the Martians can recolonize on Earth, their civilization is doomed. Barker hides his knowledge of the council’s plans tries to complete the repair work ahead of schedule, so their party, along with Alia, can return to Earth without betraying their plans to Ikron. —Gabe Taverney (dukw1029@aol.com)

Flight to Mars is the second American film of the postwar era (after the previous year’s Rocketship X-M) to depict a manned space trip to the Red Planet. Leading-man responsibilities are evenly divided between Arthur Franz as brilliant scientist Dr. Jim Barker and Cameron Mitchell as two-fisted reporter Steve Abbott. Both men make the journey to Mars, finding time along the way to battle over the affections of leading lady Virginia Huston. Upon landing on Mars, the earthlings learn that planetary leader, Ikron (Morris Ankrum, a fixture of 1950s sci-fi), intends to conquer the world. Fortunately, a group of good Martians is on hand to lend moral and physical support to the heroes.

Plot: Spoilers?
The first expedition to Mars, led by physicist Dr. Lane (John Litel), includes Professor Jackson (Richard Gaines), engineer Jim Barker (Arthur Franz), and his assistant Carol Stadwick (Virginia Huston). Journalist Steve Abbott (Cameron Mitchell) is also aboard to cover the historic mission. A final interview with his crewmates before launch makes him realize that there are grave risks for them all, though the other older crew members do not mind the possibility that they may never return alive.

They lose contact with Earth when a meteor storm disables both their landing gear and radio. The crew is forced to decide whether to crash-land on Mars or turn back for Earth. Professor Jackson makes the case that the purpose of their expedition is to collect data, data which they can send back to Earth using self-propelled space cylinders equipped with homing devices. They decide to proceed with the mission, knowing they can never return.

After they safely crash-land, the crew are met by five Martians at one of their above-ground structures. Looking human and being able to communicate in English, their leader, Ikron (Morris Ankrum), the president of their planetary council, explains that they have been receiving Earth’s broadcasts by which they learned our languages. Their own efforts, however, to transmit messages to Earth have only resulted in faint signals being transmitted.

The Earth crew are brought by the Martians to a vast underground city, which is being sustained by life-support systems fueled by a mineral called Corium. There the crew meets Tillamar (Robert Barrat), a past president and now a trusted council advisor. Terris (Lucille Barkley), a young female Martian shows them to their room and serves the group automated meals. The expedition members are amazed at the high level of Martian technology around them and soon ask the council for help with repairing their spaceship.

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