Giant from the Unknown 1958 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

Giant from the Unknown 1958 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

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A Hideous Monster from Beyond the Grave!
It Came From Another World to Terrorize the Lives of Hundreds (original poster)
A Thrill…A Chill…A Shock a Minute (original poster)
The creeping terror had risen from the depths of the unknown!
It came from another world!
Terror Stalks! Half Monster, Half Man!

IMDb Rating: 4.7 out of 10

A very large, degenerate, Spanish conqueror is freed from suspended animation by lightning and goes on a killing spree in a small town. —Directorgene

A large and brutal conquistador emerges in the California hills after 500 years in suspended animation.

Rating Rotten Tomatoes: Tomatometer: NR
Audience Score: 23%

Synopsis: Spoilers?
The movie opens with the title and credits shown over a rainstorm in a high mountain forest and a 16th-century ax embedded in an old log.

We are in the small mountain village of Pine Ridge (Big Bear, California). A station wagon drives into town. Young Charlie Brown (Gary Crutcher) tells the townsfolk that the sheriff will be bringing the body into town. There have been other incidents involving livestock. His sister, Ann Brown (Jolene Brand) nods in agreement. The incidents seem to be localized to Devil’s Crag. Sheriff Parker (Bob Steele) pulls up in a pickup truck. Parker explains that “The coroner’s report shows Banks died of a brutal beating at the hands of a person or persons unknown.” The Café Owner (Oliver Blake) pulls back the tarp covering the body. Ann, and other others, recoil in revulsion. Some of the townsfolk think the goings-on are supernatural. A man reminds Ann of the legend of the curse. Another tells Ann to talk to some of the Indians that still populate the town. A well inebriated Indian Joe (Billy Dix) sitting on the stoop of the bait and tackle shop giggles and warns, “All white men die.” He then laughs maniacally. The Sheriff asks Joe if he knows anything about the death of Banks. Joe is annoyed that the white men think he’s crazy. Joe reluctantly leaves town, but first warns the sheriff, “People who walk on Indian grave die.” The sheriff puts Devil’s Crag off-limits. He plans to ask everyone where they were the night before. One of the men suggests he start with Wayne Brooks as he had another run-in with Banks and was run off the Banks’ property with a shotgun. Wayne Brooks (Ed Kemmer) wanders into town after three days in the woods. Charlie and Ann tell him about the death of Harold Banks. Wayne walks over to talk to the sheriff. Sheriff Parker asks Wayne about the murder and his whereabouts. Wayne tells him he was up in the mountains collecting rock specimens.

Plot: Spoilers?
The citizens of mountain town Pine Ridge, California, are concerned about a series of livestock mutilations in nearby Devil’s Crag. A local, Harold Banks, is also found dead there, killed in the same manner as the livestock. Sheriff Parker orders everyone to stay away. Local speculation is that the deaths are supernatural in origin. Native American, “Indian Joe”, confirms their fears of a tribal curse, but is driven out of town by the sheriff.

Local geologist Wayne Brooks is told of Banks’ death by friends Anne and Charlie Brown, two Pine Ridge siblings. Sheriff Parker is suspicious of Brooks, having heard about a recent confrontation between Brooks and Banks. As the sheriff is questioning him, Dr. Cleveland and his daughter Janet arrive in town. Cleveland is planning to do archaeological research in the area. While Brooks helps Janet pick up supplies, Parker warns Cleveland about the Banks murder. While at dinner with Cleveland and Janet, Brooks, formerly Cleveland’s student, offers to be his area guide.

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