Invasion of the Animal People 1959 — A Sci-fi / Time Travel Full-Length Movie

Invasion of the Animal People 1959 — A Sci-fi / Time Travel Full-Length Movie

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Could it Happen? See and Decide for Yourself!
Monsters walk the earth in ravishing rampage of clawing fury!
Giants of the ages run amuck in icy death attack controlled by alien brains!
Can Earth Stop the Savage Onslaught of Beast-Men From Space?

Aliens release a furry critter in the wilds of Lapland where it takes a woman captive and threatens a group of scientists. —Ray Hamel (

After a herd of reindeer are mysteriously found dead following a meteor crash in a remote part of Sweden, soldiers and a geologist are called out to investigate. Just as they discover that the meteor is actually a spaceship, a hideous monster destroys their plane and kills the soldier guarding it. As the geologist (along with his figure skater girlfriend) are trying to ski to safety, the monster attacks again and kidnaps the helpless woman. What is this creature, and can it be stopped? —Jean-Marc Rocher (

Synopsis: Spoilers?
**This synopsis is for the full version of TERROR IN THE MIDNIGHT SUN.**

Opening scene shows a man walking toward the camera in snow shoes. A meteor streaks across the sky, finally moving through the snow and coming to a stop near a hill. Two men at a telegraph station send out a message of the meteors landing. Many phones begin ringing as the news is passed on. Next the newspaper headline reads Meteor Landed in Lappland. Dr. Frederick Wilson (Robert Burton) buys a paper and reads it. He takes a cab to the Royal Academy of Science. Entering, he greets a secretary, Anna (Doreen Denning) who tells him that his niece arrived early looking for him. He is greeted by Dr. Walter Ullman (Gösta Prüzelius)and Dr. Henrik (Åke Grönberg)who tell him he may go to the location with Henrick and Erik Engstrom (Sten Gester), a geologist. Erik arrives with a young woman (Ittla Frodi) who reminds him of his briefcase before he enters the building. They kiss.

After meeting Dr. Wilson, they board a plane to the meteor site and discuss details inflight. After arriving at the military base near the crash site, they meet Col. Robert Bottiger (Bengt Blomgren) who is interrogating the lead Lapplander about the crash and are flown in a small military plane to the site, where Diane Wilson (Barbara Wilson)is ice skating and people are watching. After landing they are brought onsite by tank-like vehicles. Erik immediately notices Diane and cant take his eyes off her, which is noticed by her uncle, Dr. Wilson, who points it out to Henrick. Not giving away that the girl is his niece, he chats with Erik, who leaves to go skiing. Diane greets her uncle and immediately asks about her admirer. She is told that he is deadly and has left a string of broken hearts across Europe. Fascinated, Diane leaves to go skiing, after a quick shower and change of clothes.

As Erik waits to board the ski-lift, Diane comes in and cuts in line ahead, giving her skis to the attendant, who loads them onto the next lift car. She gets in and prevents him from joining her, laughing and waving back at him. Puzzled, he takes the next car.

Next he follows her all over the slopes, stopping to help her when she fakes a fall. He soon learns she knows about his reputation and asks to walk her back. Skiing? She asks, taking his skis, knocking him down and skiing away.

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