Meet the Robinsons 2007 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

Meet the Robinsons 2007 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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If you think your family’s different, wait ’til you meet the family of the future.
Witness the future of hip-hop.
Experience the future as only Disney can imagine it!
Think your family’s weird?

Lewis is a brilliant inventor who meets a mysterious stranger named Wilbur Robinson, whisking Lewis away in a time machine and together they team up to track down Bowler Hat Guy in a showdown that ends with an unexpected twist of fate. —Anonymous

An orphan who dreams of someday finding a family to call his own finds his fate taking an unexpected turn when a mysterious stranger named Wilbur Robinson transports him into the future. Based on the book A Day With Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce, Meet the Robinsons tells the story of a boy with a lifelong wish to belong and shows what happens when he meets an incredible collection of characters who just might have the power to make his wildest fantasies come true. The film’s all-star cast of vocal contributors — including Angela Bassett, Kelly Ripa, Tom Selleck, Adam West, Steve Zahn, and Laurie Metcalf — brings the world of the future to life as never before seen on the silver screen. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Synopsis: Spoilers?

Lewis is a young inventor and orphan. While longing for a family of his own, Lewis has grown saddened over the years as all his attempts to be adopted seem to have failed. As well, each and every invention he attempts to fashion meets with disaster.

One day, Lewis’ thinking turns to his mother, and why she chose to leave him on the orphanage’s doorstep all those years ago. This leads Lewis to think that maybe deep within his mind, a memory of her still exists, and maybe with it, he can find his Mom and reunite with her.

Lewis then tinkers non-stop on a machine to unearth the memory deep in his mind. Unrealized to Lewis, the constant tinkering sleep-deprives his roommate, Mike Yagoobian (also known as ‘Goob’). however, Lewis is too busy with his own work to realize the effect on the other boy.

While Goob goes to play on the school baseball team, Lewis takes his invention to the science fair. During the science fair, he runs into a strange boy named Wilbur Robinson, who cautions him to stay away from ‘The Bowler-Hat Guy.’ Lewis ignores this and attempts to make his invention work. Unknown to him, the ‘Bowler-Hat Guy’ and his hat (a mechanical creation) sabotage the item, causing it to malfunction, sending Lewis sadly running back to the orphanage.

Once there, he encounters Wilbur again, who tosses Lewis into a strange machine, that then appears to take them into the future. Wilbur is amazed and attempts to use the time machine to go back in time and find his Mother. However, the two boys end up crashing the time machine, which Wilbur took from his Father’s lab without permission.

While trying to figure out what to do, Wilbur takes Lewis to the Robinson mansion, where the boy is introduced to the strange yet caring family, albeit always wearing some strange form of headgear (a fruit basket, a hat, etc)

Meanwhile, ‘Bowler Hat Guy,’ and his mechanical hat, take Lewis’ invention and attempt to sell it to a local company. However, ‘Bowler Hat Guy’ has no idea how it works, and the hat (whom he calls Doris), decides they need to find Lewis to figure it out.

Going back to the orphanage, ‘Bowler Hat Guy’ encounters Goob, who due to sleep deprivation, lost the game, and suffered the wrath of his teammates. Goob explains that the orphanage’s supervisor said he should move on, but ‘Bowler Hat Guy’ states that Goob should use that experience, and never forget it…much to Goob’s confusion.

After searching more of the Orphanage, Doris calculates that Lewis must have gone to the future with Wilbur Robinson, and the two head into the future with a time machine of their own.

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