Monster on the Campus 1958 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

Monster on the Campus 1958 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

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Chills! Thrills!
Co-ed beauty captive of man-monster! Campus terror! Students victims of terror-beast!

The blood of a primitive fish exposed to gamma rays causes a benign research professor to regress to an ape-like, bloodthirsty prehistoric hominid. —Gabwe Taverney (

A scientist falls victim to a strange, contagious force that causes creatures to regress down the evolutionary ladder to their primal states. This bloody sci-fi thriller depicts the carnage that results as the once mild-mannered professor transforms into a murderous Neanderthal.

Synopsis Spoilers?
College student JIMMY heads to campus with his dog, while in a classroom MADELEINE, the daughter of the UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT, gets a plaster cast made of her face by fiance DR. DONALD BLAKE. They are interrupted as Jimmy shows up with a special delivery – an ancient fish called a coelacanth that Donald has ordered from Madagascar. Donald notes that the coelacanth has a special ability to “resist evolution.” The dog drinks some of the coelacanth blood – and soon goes crazy, attacking Madeleine. Jimmy and Donald subdue the dog and stick it in a cage.

Donald takes a sample of the dog’s saliva for a rabies test and notes that the dog has huge teeth. It seems to be an evolutionary throwback to a prehistoric wolf. The UNIVERSITY DOCTOR’s assistant MOLLY shows up to get the saliva sample. Donald cuts himself on the coelacanth’s teeth as he puts it away and soon feels woozy. Molly puts him in her car and takes him home. Donald passes out in the car. Molly goes inside to call the Doctor – and a CREATURE comes in and attacks her!

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Plot Spoilers?
Dr. Donald Blake (Arthur Franz), a science professor at Dunsford University, receives delivery of a coelacanth. A student, Jimmy (Troy Donahue), asks Blake if the fish is really a million years old. Blake replies, “It’s the species that’s old. No change in millions of years. See, the coelacanth is a living fossil, immune to the forces of evolution”. Blake lectures his students about evolution and devolution, telling them that man is the only creature that can decide whether to move forwards or backward, and that “unless we learn to control the instincts we’ve inherited from our ape-like ancestors, the race is doomed”.

Inside the lab, Blake scratches himself on its teeth of the Partially-thawed coelacanth, accidentally sticking his bloody hand into the water-filled container which held the fish. Molly Riordan (Helen Westcott), the assistant to Dr. Cole Oliver (Whit Bissell), is with Blake and offers him a ride home. When they get to Molly’s car, Blake says he doesn’t feel well and passes out.

At Blake’s home, Molly is attacked by a person or persons unknown. Madeline Howard (Joanna Moore), Blake’s fiancée and daughter of Dr. Gilbert Howard (Alexander Lockwood), president of the university, arrives and finds the home in shambles and Blake moaning on the ground. Madeline calls the police after seeing Molly hanging by her hair in a tree, her eyes wide, dead.

Detective Lt. Mike Stevens (Judson Pratt) and Detective Sgt. Eddie Daniels (Ross Elliott) finds a huge “deformed” handprint on a window and Blake’s tie clasp in Molly’s dead hand. They take Blake downtown when he admits that he can’t remember anything after getting into Molly’s car.

Stevens releases Blake after concluding that someone is holding a grudge and trying to implicate Blake in Molly’s murder. He assigns Daniels as Blake’s bodyguard and tells Blake that Molly’s autopsy showed she died of fright.

In his lab, Blake shoos away a dragonfly that lands on the coelacanth. The dragonfly later returns, now grown to two feet. Blake and Jimmy try to catch the giant insect with a net when, again, it lands on the coelacanth. Blake stabs the dragonfly. When he examines its body, he doesn’t notice that its blood has dripped into his pipe.

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One thought on “Monster on the Campus 1958 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

  • September 4, 2020 at 8:10 pm

    Chills! Thrills!

    Co-ed beauty captive of man-monster! Campus terror! Students victims of terror-beast!


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