Mr. Moto in Danger Island 1939 — A Mystery / Crime Movie Full Movie

Mr. Moto in Danger Island 1939 — A Mystery / Crime Movie Full Movie

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In a far corner of the earth…where life is cheap…Moto meets his strangest crime adventure!
With both law and lawlessness against him, Moto pits his oriental cunning against a fiendish killer…in his strangest crime adventure!
PETER LORRE as the famous “Saturday Evening Post” detective, who almost meets his doom!

IMDb Rating: 6.9 out of 10

The U.S. government asks Mr. Moto to go to Puerto Rico to investigate diamond smuggling after an earlier investigator is murdered. —Ed Stephan (

Puerto Rico has become the back door by which a criminal syndicate smuggles inexpensive contraband diamonds from South America into the United States, dramatically driving down the price of legitimate gems. After they have ruthlessly murdered a special investigator, Moto is assigned to the case. While sailing to the island he impresses Twister McGurk, a slow-witted but amiable wrestler, with his martial arts abilities and gains a loyal friend and bodyguard. When an attempt on his life fails and another government official is murdered, Moto sends authorities a fake telegram identifying himself as a criminal named Shimura and making him and the Twister wanted fugitives. That ploy allows them to infiltrate the gang and expose the criminal mastermind behind it. —duke1029

Rating Rotten Tomatoes: Tomatometer: NR
Audience Score: 45%

Aided by a wrestler (Warren Hymer), the Japanese detective (Peter Lorre) nabs diamond smugglers in Puerto Rico.

Plot: Spoilers?
Mr. Moto arrives in Puerto Rico to investigate the murder of an American agent, Graham, and uncovers a murderous smuggling ring. On the ship taking him to San Juan, he unwillingly acquires the services of a dim-witted, but good-hearted professional wrestler Twister McGurk after he teaches him jujutsu. Also traveling with Mr. Moto is Joan Castle, the daughter of the police commissioner Colonel Thomas Castle. Upon landing in San Juan, Mr. Moto is apparently ill with appendicitis. The ambulance that is to take him to the hospital is hijacked by the smugglers led by Captain Dahlen who plan to execute him, but McGurk arrives in time to save him. Mr. Moto was not ill as he claimed, and uses his jujutsu skills to defeat the would-be-assassins. Mr. Moto claimed to need an appendicitis operation in order to find out who is the leader of the smuggling ring. As only a few people around John Bentley, the governor of Puerto Rico, knew that he had reported that he needed an appendicitis operation, he deduces that one of them must the leader of the smuggling ring. Despite being old friends, there is much tension between Bentley and Colonel Castle over the latter’s inability to solve the Graham murder case or to discover who the diamond smugglers are.

Upon learning that Graham had taken out several books from the library concerning a Blackbeard-like pirate known as Black Tyrant and his rumored hiding place in a nearby swamp, Mr. Moto decides that the diamond smugglers must be using the same swamp. Present at the library is the wealthy shipper and friend of the governor, Mr. Sutter. Moto and McGurk are fired upon when they visit the swamp. Upon Moto’s return to San Juan, a hotel valet is killed when he tries to fill up Moto’s bathtub, which has been rigged to electrocute whoever uses it. Evidence emerges that Colonel Castle is involved in the smuggling ring while Joan Castle overhears someone at the party talking on the phone to Captain Dahlen. Later at the same party, Bentley is murdered and Colonel Caste is found at the crime scene. The police commissioner, Gordon, accuses Colonel Castle of being the murderer, but Moto persuades Gordon to allow Castle to return home. The next day, Gordon, Moto, and McGurk go to Castle’s home and find that he and his daughter have disappeared.

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