Mysterious Mr. Moto 1938 — A Mystery / Crime Movie Full Movie

Mysterious Mr Moto 1938 — A Mystery / Crime Movie Full Movie

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Peter Lorre gives you your greatest thrill, as Mr. Moto!

IMDb Rating: 6.9 out of 10

Mr. Moto has himself imprisoned on Devil’s Island so he can help his cellmate escape and thereby get the goods on a gang of international killers. —Ed Stephan (

Rating Rotten Tomatoes: Tomatometer: NR
Audience Score: 42%

The Japanese detective (Peter Lorre) rounds up a league of assassins for Scotland Yard.

Synopsis: Spoilers?
The film opens with a daring escape from the French penal colony on Devil’s Island. Mr. Moto, pretending to be Ito Matsuka, a Japanese murderer, is in the company of Paul Brissac, who belongs to a group of assassins. Brissac changes his name to Romero when they arrive in London and Moto stays on as his houseboy.

Moto then uncovers a plot to assassinate pacifist industrialist Anton Darvak.

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