Nemesis 3: Time Lapse 1996 — aka Prey Harder — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

Nemesis 3: Time Lapse 1996 — aka Prey Harder– A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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The war continues!
The terror has returned!

Alex again fighting the cyborg mercenaries in 1998 East Africa. This time, Alex finds that she has 20 half-sisters who are waiting for her to return to 2077. Central Command wants Alex captured alive and scanned to see if her DNA is a strong and more powerful strain than the normal. But Alex may be too tough for Farnsworth to capture. —Tony Fontana (

Alex is still man’s last hope for survival against the cyborgs, as more come hunting for her head. Lots of guns, explosions and a pair of children leftover from Village of the Damned.

Plot: Spoilers?
Alex (Sue Price) wakes up in the desert with a bullet in the back of her head and total amnesia. Following her footprints back the way she came, she encounters a man named Farnsworth 2 (Tim Thomerson, reprising his role from the original film), who offers to help her and get her medical attention. He gives her “a shot of endo” to repair the affected part of her brain and she starts to have flashes of memories; when she remembers a woman warning her not to let Farnsworth 2 get her DNA, she kills him with his own gun before he can complete a blood test on her. She then passes out and begins to remember…

After destroying Nebula and being rescued by soldiers, she accompanies the soldiers to a rocky area where the soldiers are wiped out by a surprise attack by a small group of insurgents before Alex takes them out herself. Her necklace starts glowing and a light appears in the distance from a time machine that landed (as seen in the previous film). Following the light source, she meets her half-sister Raine, who explains that she has 20 half-sisters but Alex is unique as she has the ability to procreate and start a new breed of genetically enhanced humans capable of wiping out the cyborg threat. She tells Alex that because of their limited launch window they must return in 24 hours or they will be stranded for one year. She then lets Alex make her escape before being captured by Farnsworth 2 and his team, who are disguised as rebel fighters. She joins forces with Edson (Norbert Weisser), a mercenary with dubious moral scruples, and Johnny (Xavier Declie), a former freedom fighter (“a big hero” according to Edson) who lost much of his higher mental functions after sustaining a head injury during a rescue mission and was left for dead. Everything comes to a head when Edson and Johnny are captured by the cyborgs and an accidentally-reactivated Nebula starts killing Farnsworth’s men, claiming Alex as his bounty. Nebula shape-shifts into one of Alex’s sisters shortly before Alex smashes her way into the cyborg’s secret base at the disused mine, killing most of the remaining cyborgs and rescuing Raine, Edson, Johnny, and her other “sister”. Just as they make their escape, however, Farnsworth 2 sends a drone after them that destroys the jeep.

Alex wakes up next to Farnsworth’s jeep, remembering nothing after the explosion and having no idea what happened to Johnny, Edson, her sister, or how she ended up in the desert with a bullet through her head. She comes to the conclusion that she “remembered all [she] could… the answers lie in the future. The future… where everything was waiting.”

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