Pagan Island 1961 — Horror Movie Trailer

Pagan Island 1961 — Horror Movie Trailer

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A Secret Island Ruled by Nature’s Own Exotic Young Maidens!
Daring! Revealing!
One man alone with 30 beautiful women!

The survivor of a shipwreck finds himself on an island populated only by women. —

A sailor thinks his wildest dreams have come true when he is shipwrecked on an island filled with beautiful women in this fantasy. He is therefore sorely disappointed when he discovers the women are almost all man-haters, who’d like nothing more than to see him die a long, painful death.

“Pagan Island” (1961, ) – Shipwrecked sailor William Stanton finds himself the only man among a tribe of semi-naked man-hating women when he washes up on Pagan Island! Falling in love with Nani Maki, “the bride of the Sea God,” he soon discovers that his rival for her affection is…a giant clam.

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