Panic in Year Zero! 1962 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

Panic in Year Zero! 1962 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

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‘A’-Day… When Civilization Came To An End!
An Orgy of Looting and Lust!
Where Science Fiction Ends And Fact Begins!!
When Science Fiction Becomes Fact!
“A” day when civilization came to an end!
An orgy of looting and lust!

A family leaves L.A. for a camping trip – just before a nuclear bomb destroys the city. As the city descends into chaos, the father must fight to keep his family alive. —J. Spurlin

While on a fishing trip, Harry Baldwin (Ray Milland) and his family hear an immense explosion and realize the awful truth; Los Angeles has been leveled by a nuclear attack. Mayhem and madness are everywhere. Escaping to the hills with his family, he sets about the business of surviving in a world where, he knows, the old ideals of humanity will be its first casualties. Not one to give up, Harry doors things to make sure his family has a chance at surviving. —alfiehitchie

As the Baldwin family heads on vacation, their hometown of Los Angeles falls victim to a nuclear attack. Harry (Ray Milland), his wife, Ann (Jean Hagen), and their two teens head to their fishing retreat in the mountains, hoping to regroup and get more information. But they can’t escape the frantic and irrational citizens, most of whom are dangerously deranged. Harry tries to stay calm during the nuclear-inspired end of days, but it’s tempting to follow the masses’ frenzied behavior.

Plot: Spoiler?
Harry Baldwin (Ray Milland), his wife Ann (Jean Hagen), their son Rick (Frankie Avalon), and daughter Karen (Mary Mitchell) leave suburban Los Angeles on a camping trip just after sunrise. The Baldwins notice unusually bright light flashes coming from a great distance behind them. Sporadic news reports broadcast on CONELRAD hint at the start of an atomic war, later confirmed when the Baldwins see a large mushroom cloud over what was Los Angeles. The family initially attempts to return to rescue Ann’s mother, but they soon abandon the plan as panicked people climb over one another to escape the fallout from multiple nuclear explosions. Witnessing society being torn apart, Harry decides that the family must find refuge at their secluded vacation spot.

The Baldwins stop to buy supplies at a small town off the main road, which has not yet been inundated by the crowd fleeing Los Angeles. When Harry attempts to buy tools and guns from hardware store owner Ed Johnson (Richard Garland), who believes only Los Angeles has been hit and assumes the government will remain intact, Johnson withholds the guns per state law since Harry can only cover them with checks. With Rick’s help, Harry absconds with the weapons but insists on Johnson that he will eventually return to pay for them in full. On the road, the family encounters three threatening young hoodlums, Carl (Richard Bakalyan), Mickey (Rex Holman), and Andy (Neil Nephew), but manage to drive them off.

After a harrowing journey, the Baldwins reach their destination and find shelter in a cave, while they wait for the order to be restored. On their portable radio, they listen to war news and learn that what remains of the United Nations has declared this to be “Year Zero”. Harry and Rick soon discover that Ed Johnson and his wife are their neighbors, but not for long: the Johnsons are killed by the three thugs encountered earlier.

While doing laundry, Ann drops a blouse in a stream, which draws the attention of the hoodlums. As Karen sits and reads a book, they accost her. Ann scares them off with a rifle and comforts her traumatized daughter. They return to the cave, where it is confirmed that Karen was raped. Upon hearing this, the Baldwin men search for the two rapists, find them at a farmhouse, and Harry shoots both dead. He and Rick hear a noise and discover a teenage girl, Marilyn (Joan Freeman), kept in a locked room as a sex slave. When questioned, she tells them she lived there with her parents, the Johnsons, before both were murdered by the thugs. Freeing her, Marilyn returns with them to the cave, where Ann cares for her.

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