Playing Beatie Bow 1986 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

Playing Beatie Bow 1986 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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Based on the best selling fantasy novel by Ruth Park
Lost in time…Can she ever return home?
Based on the Prize-Winning novel by Ruth Park…
The game has started…but she’s running out of time
A fantasy love story that defies time.
The mysterious game that led to adventure and love as she traveled through time.

A discontented Sydney teenager travels back in time to 1873, whilst watching an old fashioned children’s game. —L.zitter

A young girl nervously watched the kids playing in the park. She’s dressed strangely, and she’s acting very scared. When Abigail Kirk goes near her the young girl runs away but intrigued by her strangeness, Abigail follows. Suddenly, the once-familiar back streets are not so welcoming. Somehow there’s been a shift in time and Abigail has arrived on hundred years ago. But to get back to today, Abigail has to first fulfill her destiny.

In modern-day (1985) Sydney, Australia, teen-aged Abigail discovers that she can communicate with at least one apparently dead person, who lived in that town back in 1873. As their communications continue, Abigail suddenly finds herself transported back in time. In this light drama, based on a novel by Ruth Park, she discovers a great deal more about herself than she would have done had she remained a discontented teen in modern times, and she contributes to the lives of those around her in meaningful ways. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi

Plot: Spoilers?
Beatrice May “Beatie” Bow, a young Victorian-era girl, is summoned from the past to contemporary 1986 Sydney by children, including eight-year-old Natalie, chanting her name. Sixteen-year-old Abigail Kirk, whose mother Kathy was looking at rekindling her relationship with her estranged husband, accidentally follows Beatie back to September 1873, in Sydney-Town in the colony of New South Wales. Beatie’s family, including Granny and Dovey, believe Abigail is the promised “Stranger” who will arrive to save “The Gift” for future generations of Bows. The Gift comes at great sacrifice, though, as one of the Bow children—either Beatie, the “poorly” middle brother Gilbert Samuel (Gibbie) or the oldest brother Judahwill die at a young age (Gibbie, who spends his time in bed reading “The Good Book”, is convinced that he will be the one to die young). Abigail is trapped in the past until she does what she was “sent” to do, even though she does not know what this is. During her sojourn, she falls in love for the first time with Judah (who is promised to marry Dovey) and gains a more mature perspective on her parents’ re-forming relationship.

After returning to her own time, Abigail finds that her friends Justine and her daughter, eight-year-old Natalie, are descendants of the Bow family and learns the fate of the Bow children. Beatie never married or had children, though she achieved her childhood dream of becoming a scholar and became the longtime headmistress of the Fort Street School and died in the 1920s. Gibbie, despite being convinced that he would be the one to die young, married an undertaker’s daughter and lived until 1940 when he was 76 and was actually Justine’s great grandfather. Abigail had saved Gibbie from a fire that all but destroyed the Bows’ home located above Samuel Bow’s confectionery shop, which was what she as the “Stranger” was sent to do thus preserving “The Gift” for future generations of the Bow family. Judah, whom Abigail had fallen in love with, married Dovey and they had a daughter in 1874, though the child died before her first birthday while Dovey died in 1919. Natalie then tells Abigail that Judah died in a shipwreck just outside of Hobart-Town at the age of 22, thus becoming the great sacrifice. Abigail then meets Justine’s younger brother Robert who bears a striking resemblance to Judah and the pair fall in love, while Natalie has assumed the Bow family “gift” allowing her to become a talented piano player.

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