Running Against Time 1990 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

Running Against Time 1990 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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They’re on an Adventure to Change History If They Don’t Make It – They’re History!

History professor David Rhodes never has got over the death of his older brother, 1966 in Vietnam. When he hears the rumor that a famous professor is working on a time machine, he immediately contacts him and persuades him to allow him to travel back in time and correct history. If he could save President Kennedy’s life, the Vietnam war might never have happened! —Tom Zoerner (

A learned history professor goes back in time to attempt to save his older brother’s life. Unfortunately, the attempt to save President Kennedy’s life backfires, and the savior becomes the accused in the assassination. A rescue attempt by his girlfriend similarly backfires. By showing the new president a film documentary of the ongoing conflict, instead of convincing LBJ that the Vietnam War is a losing proposition, he instead decides to escalate the war. The lesson is that sometimes the best of intentions cause the very thing we are trying to prevent. Although the dilemmas are resolved, we are left with the moral quandary of whether we should ever attempt to correct history. —Kirk Groeneveld

After discovering the secret of time travel, a college professor heads back in time and attempts to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in this sci-fi drama. Unfortunately, the professor finds himself caught in a time warp that leaves him trapped in the past, searching for an escape.

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