Sleeper (1973) — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

Sleeper (1973) — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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A love story about two people who hate each other. 200 years in the future.
Woody Allen takes a nostalgic look at the future

A nerdish store owner is revived out of cryostasis into a future world to fight an oppressive government.

In 1973, health-food store owner Miles Monroe (Woody Allen) enters the hospital for a routine gall bladder operation. When he expires on the operating table, Miles’ sister requests permission to cryogenically freeze her brother’s body. After 200 years, Miles is unwrapped by a group of scientists and awakens to a “brave new world” of deadening conformity, ruled with an iron fist by a never-seen leader. Miles is forced to flee for his life when the scientists — actually a group of revolutionary activists — are overpowered by the leader’s police. He eludes the cops by pretending to be an android, and in this guise is sent to work at the home of Luna (Diane Keaton), a composer of greeting cards who thinks that the world of the future is perfect as it stands. There’s more, but why spoil your fun? Sleeper is the most visual of Woody Allen’s earlier films, and demonstrated a more pronounced rapport between Allen and his off- and onscreen leading lady Diane Keaton than had previously existed. The Dixieland score is performed by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

Synopsis: Spoilers?
In the year 2173, doctors revive cryogenically frozen Miles Monroe (Woody Allen), a Greenwich Village health food store owner and ragtime clarinet player, who entered a hospital in 1973 for a routine ulcer operation and never regained consciousness. When Miles’s tinfoil protective covering is peeled off, he wakes up a fugitive in a totalitarian police state called the American Federation led by a Big Brother-type man known only as ‘The Leader’. The doctors hide the illegally defrosted Miles at Dr. Melik’s house, marveling at his quaint requests for organic foods and his ignorance of the health benefits of steak, deep-fried foods, and hot fudge.

Soon, the doctors ask Miles to help them learn about the Aries Project, which they suspect is The Leader’s plot to destroy their revolutionary movement, adding that Miles’s brain will be reprogrammed if his identity is revealed. Just as Miles declines to participate, security police swarm, enabling him to escape as the doctors are captured.

Hiding in a nearby van full of robots, Miles uses spare parts to disguise himself as one of them and is delivered to the home of poet Luna Schlosser (Diane Keaton), who is disappointed by her new servant’s facial features but needs help for a party that evening. Instructed by Luna to prepare food for her guests, Miles spoons instant pudding powder into a bowl, immediately producing a viscous mass, which is enveloping the counter as the doorbell sounds. After accidentally incinerating the guests’ wraps, Miles struggles with the rampaging pudding in the kitchen, beating it into submission with a broom while Luna and her artist friends become intoxicated from passing around an orb (a synthetic marijuana orb that can be absorbed through one’s bare skin).

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Plot: Spoilers?
Miles Monroe (Woody Allen), a jazz musician and owner of the “Happy Carrot” health-food store in 1973, is subjected to cryopreservation without his consent, and not revived for 200 years.[2] Two scientists (played by Bartlett Robinson and Mary Gregory) revive him. They are members of an underground rebellion. The U.S. in 2173 is a hedonistic, automated police state, ostensibly ruled by a dictator known only as “The Leader”, about to implement a secret plan known as the “Aries Project”. The rebels hope to use Miles as a spy to infiltrate the Aries Project because he is the only member of this society without a known biometric identity.

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