Strange New World 1975 — A Sci-fi / Time Travel Full-Length Movie

Strange New World 1975 — A Sci-fi / Horror Full-Length Movie

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In the near future, a group of scientists living in a space ship wake up from a hibernation state and come back to an apocalyptic Earth. —Luciana Haga

Two men (John Saxon, Keene Curtis) and a woman (Kathleen Miller) return to Earth after 180 years in space.

Strange New World is an American made-for-television science fiction film based on concepts envisioned by Gene Roddenberry which first aired on July 13, 1975, on ABC. It starred John Saxon as Captain Anthony Vico (PAX team leader), Kathleen Miller as Dr. Allison Crowley (team navigator and communications expert), and Keene Curtis as Dr. William Scott, M.D. (team physician/medical doctor).

Strange New World was originally a TV pilot and the third attempt to bring Roddenberry’s post-apocalyptic future vision to the small screen. Prior efforts, called Genesis II and Planet Earth (the latter also starring Saxon in the lead role), explored an Earth after a nuclear war and focused on an organization called PAX that was working to bring peace and order to the world.

Although he was closely involved in the previous two incarnations, this time Roddenberry was much less involved. As a result, the character names, as well as some of the main plot points, were changed in order to avoid any potential litigation.

Saxon had starred in Planet Earth as Dylan Hunt, but the character’s name was changed for its successor. The movie did, however, share the post-apocalyptic premise of Genesis II and Planet Earth. The title of the film was borrowed from the famous opening monologue of Roddenberry’s Star Trek.

Strange New World is considered by many observers to have been the weakest of the three productions which envisaged the world of PAX. Like the previous attempts, it was not developed into a weekly series.

Unlike the previous versions, which focused on a single cryogenically frozen survivor working for an established organization called PAX, Strange New World had three astronauts return to Earth after being cryogenically frozen and looking to re-establish the organization (PAX) that had sent them into space. The opening of the movie introduced the PAX team members and described the disaster which befell the Earth (a swarm of giant asteroids). PAX headquarters changed the orbit of their space station so that it would orbit the sun and return to Earth in 180 years, during which time its crew and hundreds of volunteer personnel located below PAX headquarters, would remain in suspended animation. Upon returning to Earth, the astronauts’ primary mission was to make their way back to PAX headquarters and revive their colleagues.

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