Terror from the Year 5000 — 1958 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

Terror from the Year 5000 — 1958 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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From Time Unborn … A Hideous She-Thing!

Prof. Erling and his financial backer Victor build a prototype time machine to snatch objects from the past. The latest find, a statuette, radiometrically dates to 5200 AD! When this draws colleague Richard Hedges to the island lab, Erling reveals that 20th-century objects put in the machine seem to be “traded” for analogous future objects by intelligent life. And on the sly, Victor’s been trying to get a living visitor. Does the future need help, or is the present in danger? —Rod Crawford (puffinus@u.washington.edu)

In this sci-fi film from the late 1950s, a time-machine accidentally retrieves a lovely woman from the future. Her world has been destroyed by radiation. Desiring to restore the human race to health, she hypnotizes one of the machine’s operators and tries to bring him back to the future. Unfortunately for her, an archaeologist kills her.

The movie opens with a voice-over listing a few technological accomplishments: “In the year 1947, a man broke through the sound barrier. In 1958 man launched the first satellite and pierced the space barrier. Now in an isolated area of central Florida man struggles to penetrate the most imposing barrier of all–the time barrier.” We cut to a lab with Professor Howard Erling (Frederic Downs) and his assistant, and financial backer, Victor (John Stratton) working on another experimental probe into the future. A statue appears in the apparatus and for a moment a faint image of an adult woman is seen. Unfortunately, this latest experiment is deemed unsatisfactory due to excessive radiation.

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Plot: Spoilers?
Working in the privacy of his Florida island estate, nuclear physicist Professor Howard Erling and his assistant Victor construct a machine that transports a small statue from the future. Concerned over the vast amounts of energy needed to conduct the experiments and realizing their work needs verification from another professional, Howard calls a halt to the research, despite Victor’s protests. The statue is sent to noted archeologist Bob Hedges, who determines it comes from the year 5200 A. D.

Bob learns that the statue is radioactive and attempts to contact Howard to question him about it. When he is unable to reach him by phone, Bob flies to Florida to see Howard. Upon leaving the airport Bob realizes that he is being followed. After a wild chase, Bob confronts his pursuer only to discover it is Claire Erling, Howard’s daughter, and Victor’s fiancée. Claire is delighted by Bob’s arrival and admits to sending the statue in hopes of accelerating the verification of her father’s work. Claire assures Bob that neither the Erlings or Victor were aware of the radiation contamination. Claire and Bob pilot a small motorized boat out to the island when the motor dies. Claire reveals this is caused by the power drain from her father’s lab. Unknown to Claire and Howard, Victor is conducting further experimentation in secret, against Howard’s orders.

Howard receives Bob graciously, but Victor is resentful, suspecting that the archeologist intends to refute their work. When the guest room is discovered locked and the key missing, Victor offers to share his room with Bob until the handyman, Angelo, can provide a new key. That night, Bob hears Victor enter the guest room next door and follows as Victor removes two metal suitcases from the guest room, then takes them outside where he throws them into a pond. The next morning, Bob accepts Claire’s swimming invitation and dives at the spot where Victor disposed of the suitcases. Underwater, Bob locates one suitcase and finds inside the carcass of a small animal. Later, Howard shows Bob the lab and demonstrates how he and Victor have succeeded in “trading objects with the future.”

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