The Amazing Colossal Man 1957 — A Horror / Sci-Fi Movie Trailer

The Amazing Colossal Man 1957 — A Horror / Sci-Fi Movie Trailer

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A Seventy Foot Giant Is Terrorizing Las Vegas…
Not even the U.S. Army can keep her away from the man she loved–but only the U.S. Army can save her from the monster he became!
Savage Giant on a Blood-Mad Rampage!
Growing…! Growing…! Growing…! To a Giant! to a Monster! When will it stop?

A military officer survives a nuclear blast, only to begin to uncontrollably grow into an increasingly unstable giant. —Kenneth Chisholm

While overseeing the atomic tests in the Nevada desert, Army colonel Glenn Manning (Glenn Langan) is exposed to extensive amounts of radiation. As a result, Manning grows, and grows, and grows, at the rate of ten feet per day. This sudden height gain adversely affects the poor man’s mind, and soon he’s as mad as a hatter. Looking for all the world like Mr. Clean in a diaper, the Colossal Man goes on a murderous rampage, laying waste to numerous landmarks.

Synopsis: Spoilers?
We open in the desert of Nevada on a lonely stretch of highway; a convoy of military vehicles passes. The narrator tells us, “The time is 2:45 a.m., two hours and fifteen minutes before time zero. At time zero a new type of atomic explosion, a plutonium bomb, will be detonated at Desert Rock, Nevada. These soldiers are to experience the Plutonium Explosion under simulated combat conditions.” Credits roll.

Over a loudspeaker, the troops are warned that in thirty seconds the explosion will happen. The countdown is started, but when zero is announced there is no explosion. The bombsite control officer (William Hughes) explains that there has been a malfunction and they must not leave their position and keep their dark glasses on. Col. Glenn Manning (Glenn Langan), on the phone with control, tells the soldiers around him they will need to wait. Manning, again on the phone, reports a civilian plane in the area and it seems to be in trouble. It crashes and Manning, against orders, runs out to render assistance. The bomb explodes, Manning covers his face, and we see the nuclear explosion.

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Plot: Spoilers?
A test explosion of the first atomic plutonium bomb is planned at a military site in Desert Rock, Nevada. When it does not detonate as expected, Lt. Colonel Glenn Manning (Glenn Langan) receives orders to keep his men in the protective trench. Moments later, an unidentified small civilian aircraft crash-lands near the bomb site, and Glenn runs into the detonation area to rescue the pilot. Once in the detonation area, the bomb goes off, and Glenn is caught in the radiation.

Surviving the blast but suffering from third-degree burns over almost all of his body, Glenn is treated by specialist Dr. Paul Linstrom (William Hudson) and military scientist Dr. Eric Coulter (Larry Thor) at the army base hospital. Glenn’s fiancée, Carol Forrest (Cathy Downs), anxiously awaits a prognosis, but Linstrom refrains from telling her that the consensus is that Glenn is extremely unlikely to survive. The next morning, however, Linstrom and Coulter are stunned to discover that Glenn’s burns have completely healed. That evening, Carol is prohibited from seeing him, and she learns that he has been moved to an army rehabilitation and research center in Summit, Nevada. She drives there and is admitted entry, and upon entering his room, she faints in horror when she sees he has mutated into a giant about 16 feet tall.

As Glenn’s body continues to increase in size (now at 30 feet tall) Linstrom orders him moved to a tent large enough to provide shelter and recommends that Carol spend time with him. Despite her encouragement, he is angry and bitter. Linstrom eventually reveals that his heart is growing at only half the rate of his body and soon will be unable to support his enormous size and weight. That night, he loses his temper and shouts at Carol to leave him alone.

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