The Best Horror Movies From the ‘80s including Hidden Gems! (Part 1)

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The ’80s was a great decade for movies in general. And I have to say a lot of my all-time favorite horror comes from this time. Now akin to my 80s Sci-fi vid. I’m gonna be mixing some of the less well-known cult classics with a few of the more popular films from the period.

The “Hemomancer ” cheat sheet;
Intro: (0:00)
Evil dead 2: (0:29)
The Howling: (1:18)
A nightmare on Elm street: (2:11)
Opera: (3:03)
The Lost Boys: (4:13)
Near Dark: (5:19)
The Shining: (6:21)
Monkey Shines: (7:24)
Outro: (8:29)

Music ————————
Traxx: In the end
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