The Brain from Planet Arous 1957 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

The Brain from Planet Arous 1957 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

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It Will Steals Your Body And Damns Your Soul!
Science-Fiction’s most astounding story!
The incredible space-brain invades a human body with its destructive evil power!
Fantastic! Fearsome!

Gor, a powerful criminal brain from the planet Arous, assumes the body of scientist Steve March. Through March, he begins to control the world by threatening destruction to any country challenging his domination. Another brain, Val, works with March’s future wife Sally to defeat Gor. Val explains that Gor will be vulnerable when he is forced to leave March at intervals to re-energize. Gor’s vulnerable spot, the Fissure of Orlando, is described in a note left by Sally in Steve’s lab.


Bad alien Gor takes over scientist Steve’s (John Agar) brain; good alien Vol takes over Steve’s dog’s brain.

Synopsis: Spoilers?
Titles and credits run over a vista of the desert with a mountain in the background. It is evening and a light descends from the sky and explodes into the mountain. Dr. Steve March (John Agar) is in his lab working and notices something strange on his Geiger counter. He tells his colleague, Dan Murphy (Robert Fuller) that it makes no sense. Dan is absorbed reading a pulp science fiction novel and is paying no attention until he hears the Geiger counter suddenly register radioactivity after a long silence. Steve has located the source. It is thirty miles away at Mystery Mountain. Sally Fallon (Joyce Meadows) arrives and reminds her fiancĂ© and Dan that they haven’t even stopped for lunch. After another burst of radioactivity is detected, Steve proclaims, “Dan, we’re going over to Mystery Mountain.” Sally convinces them they need to eat first.

At the Fallon residence, they have lunch. John Fallon (Thomas Browne Henry) arrives home. He is Sally’s father. Steve explains that he and Dan are going to Mystery Mountain. John is surprised. He explains that at this time of year temperatures can reach 120 degrees in the desert. Steve reveals that “A hot blast of gamma is coming from Mystery Mountain. That causes enough for any scientist to go out into the desert.” Dan is not anxious to go, but agrees. They set out in a Jeep. A rockfall blocks their path. Steve notices rock debris indicating recent activity, and they walk the rest of the way. They make their way to a cave. Steve is convinced it was blasted out recently but notices no footprints. With flashlights in hand, they walk through the cave checking their counters for any radioactivity. Suddenly the counter registers a high dose of radioactivity, then just as suddenly goes silent. They pull their weapons and announce themselves. They see it–a bright light followed by the floating apparition of a huge brain with glowing eyes. Steve empties his gun into the form and collapses. Dan fires a couple of rounds from his rifle and also succumbs to the bright light emanating from the creature. It is an intense burst of radiation that kills him. The brain shrinks in size and enters Steve’s body.

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Plot: Spoilers?
An outer space terrorist from a planet named Arous, a brain-shaped creature named Gor (Dale Tate), arrives on Earth and possesses young scientist Steve March (Agar). Gor proceeds to use his vast, destructive powers to bend the world to his will, threatening to wipe out the capital city of any nation that dares to defy him.

Meanwhile, Vol (Tate), another brain creature from Arous, arrives and eventually inhabits the body of March’s fiancee’s dog. Vol goes on to explain that Gor is a wanted criminal in their world. His only physical weakness is the human body’s fissure of Rolando, and Gor is only vulnerable during the brief period when he needs to exit his host to absorb oxygen.

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One thought on “The Brain from Planet Arous 1957 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

  • November 9, 2020 at 3:05 am

    The incredible space-brain invades a human body with its destructive evil power!

    Fantastic! Fearsome!


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