The Eye Creature 1965 — aka Attack of the Eye Creatures — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

The Eye Creature 1965 — aka Attack of the Eye Creatures — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

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Alien “eye” creatures invade a small town. —

Eye Creatures land on earth. The U.S. Air Force spies on some teens making out in the woods then try to prevent word of the Eye Creatures landing from leaking out. A couple of teens figure everything out and prevent the Eye Creatures from taking over by shining their headlights on them… —Dan Bleskan (

A saucer landing is expected (and highly classified) by top people in the military. The local army base is instructed to keep watch for activity in the sky, but instead, they use an infrared scope to watch local teens make out. The saucer lands. Meanwhile, the two main characters are trying to elope. Keeping headlights off to avoid attention, they run over an eye creature. They report this, but in the meantime, the eye creatures have possessed the body of a young drifter and so the two are arrested. The army finds the saucer, cordons it off and blows it up. The teens escape from the police station and discover that the eye creatures explode when exposed to bright light… —Jacob Haller (

Giant eyeballs from outer space terrorize two teens in this blood-soaked super-low budget sci-fi horror outing.

Plot: Spoilers?
A military briefing film shows a hovering flying saucer resembling a domed yo-yo as the narrator (Peter Graves) describes how the military’s “Project Visitor” has been tracking it and anticipates it will land in the central United States. After the briefing, Lt. Robertson reports to the base near the expected target where he berates his subordinates for their habit of using the monitoring equipment to spy on teenagers making out in the woods. One of the teens sees an object land nearby and tells his friends at a local bar, including Stan Kenyon. Stan and his girlfriend Susan Rogers later accidentally hit one of the multi-eyed, lumpy greyish-white aliens from the ship with his car, so they drive off to call the police. Out in the woods, they are forced to use the phone of a grumpy local codger who resents the “smoochers” who use his property as a lovers’ lane, frequently threatening them with a shotgun.

Meanwhile, one of two drunken drifters new in town comes across the dead creature and decides to put it on exhibition as part of his latest get-rich-quick scheme. When he returns to the site after excitedly rushing home to tell his buddy Mike, other aliens arrive, scaring him and causing a deadly heart attack. When the police finally investigate, they assume that Stan has run over the drifter and arrest the young man, refusing to believe his crazy story.

Having overheard the bar conversation about the UFO, Lt. Robertson reports to his commander, who reluctantly authorizes a cordon around the saucer. They eventually accidentally blow up the spaceship and congratulate themselves for their effective defense, not realizing that the creatures were not in their craft and are still roaming the woods.

Easily escaping from the police, Stan and Susan meet up with the dead drifter’s friend Mike and the three of them attempt to prove the alien danger to the community. Mike is cornered and attacked by the angry creatures, but Stan and Susan manage to flee and accidentally discover the monsters explode when exposed to bright light. Unfortunately, after the autopsy shows that the victim earlier died from an alcohol-induced heart attack and that Stan had not killed him, the police want nothing more to do with him and refuse to help. The teenagers then gather their friends together and drive out to the clearing where they left Mike. Surrounding the aliens with their cars, the teens use their headlights to evaporate the remaining creatures. Mike survives his attack, and Stan and Susan resume their interrupted plans to elope.

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