The History of Time Travel 2014 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

The History of Time Travel 2014 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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Would We Even Notice?
Time Travel Is History.

A fictional documentary about the creation of the world’s first time machine, the men who created it, and the unintended ramifications it has on world events.

The History of Time Travel is a 2014 sci-fi docu-fiction movie written and directed by up-and-coming film student Ricky Kennedy about the history behind the invention of time travel as framed as a network TV documentary on the subject.

The movie’s plot involves an Alternate Timeline where a letter by Albert Einstein to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, warning FDR of the potential Nazi time travel program and urging him to start one as well, resulting in the creation of the Indiana Project with the express purpose of creating time travel before Those Wacky Nazis can. It chronicles the life of Edward Page, a scientist working on the Indiana Project and his son Richard who continues his work after his death and the process which resulted in the creation of the time machine and the younger Page’s attempt to save his mother from dying from Polio when he was a child.

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