The Human Monster 1939 — aka –The Dark Eyes of London– A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

The Human Monster 1939 — aka –The Dark Eyes of London– A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

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Based on “The Dark Eyes Of London” By Edgar Wallace
Eyes of Doom! Man or Beast!
A Brute With the Power of a Giant Who Kills at the Command of a Mad Svengali!

IMDb Rating: 5.8 out of 10

Insurance agent-physician collects on policies of men murdered by a disfigured resident of the home for the blind where he acts as doctor-on-call. —Rich Wannen (

A series of strange deaths takes place in London. All are accidents but the victims are single men with no family and they all have a link to a life insurance company run by the mysterious Dr. Orloff. —Col Needham (

In London, the Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Larry Holt is assigned to investigate a serious of deaths apparently in accidents. However, a further inquiry shows that all the victims are men without family and insurance policy released by the insurance agent Dr. Feodor Orloff and the beneficiary is a home for blind administrated by Prof. John Dearborn. When Henry Stuart is found drowned, his daughter Diana comes to London and helps Holt and his American partner Lieutenant O’Reilly in their investigation. —Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rating Rotten Tomatoes: Tomatometer: NR
Audience Score: 37%

In London, philanthropist Dr. Orloff (Bela Lugosi) volunteers his services at a home for blind men, which serves as a cover for his notorious exploits. On the side, Orloff runs an insurance company that offers loans to desperate, unattached men, whom he convinces to list him as a beneficiary. With the aid of a blind man from the home, Orloff then coldly murders the men to collect the insurance. Although the police begin an investigation, Orloff brazenly continues the brutal killings.

Plot: Spoilers?
In London, Dr. Orloff (Bela Lugosi) runs a life insurance agency where he loans money on his customers’ policies. Scotland Yard begins finding bodies in the Thames River, all of them insured by Orloff with the Dearborn Home for the Blind as their sole beneficiary. This charity Home, which Orloff sponsors and serves as its medical advisor, is located in a dilapidated former warehouse abutting the Thames. One of the dead men has a daughter named Diane (Greta Gynt) for whom Orloff obtains employment at the Home as seeing-person secretary to the soft-spoken, also blind, Dearborn. Suspicions begin to arise surrounding Dearborn and Orloff in relation to the dead bodies, and it becomes clear to the audience that Dearborn is really Orloff, disguised as to both face and voice. After Diane finds one of her father’s cufflinks at the Home, Orloff sends his henchman Jake (Wilfred Walter), a deformed blind resident of the Home, to kill Diane who has found out too much about them but she eludes him with the help of the young police inspector on the case. Confronted by Diane, Dearborn removes his disguise to show himself as Orloff, carries her to the warehouse’s loft where he has been killing his victims by dumping them into a vat of river water charged with electricity, puts her in a straight-jacket, and calls for Jake to finish the job of killing her in like manner. Jake refuses as he has found out that Orloff has sadistically deafened his one friend, also blind, before killing him. Jake turns on Orloff, Orloff shoots Jake, but Jake perseveres, captures Orloff, and throws him out of a loading door, to sink into the river mud-flats below. The inspector breaks in and frees Diane as Jake dies of his wounds.

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