The Ice Pirates 1984 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

The Ice Pirates 1984 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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In a distant future scarce of water, space pirates get caught after stealing ice from a spaceship. They are sold to a princess looking for her dad. He might have found a planet abundant with water. —Scott Filtenborg

In this undistinguished parody of the sci-fi genre, Robert Urich is Jason who leads a band of pirates in redistributing the wealth of the few to the coffers of the needy. He also joins up with Princess Karina Mary Crosby in searching for her father and a possible source of water in the next galaxy. Meant to be a campy romp through the sci-fi genre, the film stops short of achieving a goal that should have been effortless.

Synopsis: Spoilers?
In a distant galaxy, where water is a valuable commodity, a band of space pirates boards an imperial cruiser to steal ice. Jason (Robert Urich), the pirate leader, stumbles upon the quarters of Princess Karina of Argon (Mary Crosby), who is in a state of induced sleep. After battling the Templars royal guard, Jason kidnaps the princess and the Imperial cruiser pursues them. Jason orders two crew members, Zeno (Ron Perlman) and Maida (Anjelica Huston), to leave in escape pods just before the pirate ship is captured by Imperial forces.

Zorn (Jeremy West), leader of the Templars, imprisons Jason and his robotics expert, Roscoe (Michael D. Roberts). As the prisoners are transported to the planet Mithra, the only remaining source of water in the galaxy, they learn that their sentence is to be “redesigned,” or castrated, and sold as slaves. Killjoy (John Matuszak), a thief, points out that members of the clergy are spared because the Templars fear God.

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Plot: Spoiler?
The film takes place in a distant future where water is so scarce and rationed that it is considered an immensely valuable substance, both as a commodity and as a currency in ice cubes. The Templars of Mithra control the water and they destroy worlds that have natural water, leaving the galaxy virtually dry. Pirates dedicate their lives to raiding ships and looting the ice from the cargo holds to make a living.

Jason is the leader of a band of pirates that raid a Templar cruiser for its ice, and discover the beautiful princess Karina in a stasis pod. He decides to kidnap her, waking her up, and alarming the Templars. Jason and his pirates flee but are pursued by Templar ships. Jason lets some of his crew, Maida and Zeno, escape while Roscoe stays to help Jason. Both Jason and Roscoe are captured.

During their capture, they meet Killjoy, who has been pretending to be a monk to avoid slavery. Jason and Roscoe are sentenced to become slaves, a process that includes castration. Roscoe and Jason are spared this fate by the spoiled princess, who has taken an interest in them. Princess Karina purchases them as her slaves, to work as servants during her party. That evening, they are reunited with Killjoy (disguised as a robot). Jason, Karina, Roscoe, Killjoy, and Nanny manage to leave the planet before the Supreme Commander arrives to arrest her.

Princess Karina hires Jason so she can find her father, who has gone missing while searching for the so-called “Seventh World”: a lost, mythic planet rumored to contain vast reserves of water. The existence of such a world would threaten the Templars’ water monopoly, and therefore their hold on power.

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