The Invisible Ray 1936 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

The Invisible Ray 1936 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

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Beware the Luminous Man!
Delving into new, strange fields of mystery!
Destruction to all he touched or looked upon!
In his brain – the world’s most powerful secret!

A scientist becomes murderous after discovering, and being exposed to the radiation of, a powerful new element called Radium X. —Directorgene

A scientist (Bela Lugosi) seeks an antidote for a radium-poisoned colleague (Boris Karloff) with a touch of death.

Synopsis: Spoilers?

Diane Rukh (Frances Drake) stares out the window from their home in the Carpathian Mountains upon the road below. Mother Rukh (Violet Kemble Cooper), seated in a chair, inquires whether her son Dr. Janos Rukh (Boris Karloff) is still working in his lab. Diane confirms this, saying that he is preparing for the delegation of scientists due to arrive from England. Rising from her chair with help from Diane, Mother Rukh comes to the window with her cane. She tells Diane that on a day like this her son Janos discovered the ray from Andromeda while working with his late father. It was holding the lens during that discovery which caused her permanent blindness. They discuss the brilliance of Janos and how he was rejected by other scientists and called a charlatan. Diane says she was told to watch for the headlights coming and notify Janos. Mother Rukh returns to her seat and Diane looks out the window again. Seeing the car approaching, she announces that she will go tell her husband. She dons her cape and goes through an outer walkway to another building where she rings a bell and enters. Coming into the lab, she tells Janos (who is gazing through a large telescope) that the visitors are arriving. He says he is ready and confident.

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Plot: Spoilers?
A visionary astronomer, Dr. Janos Rukh (Boris Karloff), has invented a telescope that can look far out into deep space, into the Andromeda Galaxy, and photograph light rays that will show the Earth’s past. He has theorized about this being possible for some years, much to his discredit among his fellow scientist-colleagues. Looking at the remote past on a planetarium-like dome in his lab, two of those ardently skeptical scientists, Dr. Benet (Bela Lugosi) and Sir Francis Stevens (Walter Kingsford), watch a large meteorite smash into the Earth a billion years ago, in what is now the continent of Africa. Amazed by Rukh’s demonstration, the pair invite him to go on an expedition to locate the impact site.

Rukh finds the meteorite, but is exposed to its unknown radiation, now dubbed “Radium X”. This causes him to glow in the dark and to make his mere touch instantaneous deadly to any living thing. The exposure also begins to warp his mind. Returning to the base camp, he entreats Dr. Benet to devise a means of neutralizing Radium X’s poisoning effect. Benet develops a serum that holds the lethal element’s toxicity at bay, but Rukh must take regular doses of the antidote or he will revert to being a luminous killing machine. Rukh returns to his jungle base and learns from Benet that this situation has been complicated by the romantic relationship between Rukh’s wife, Diana (Frances Drake), and Ronald Drake (Frank Lawton), the nephew of Lady Arabella Stevens (Beulah Bondi), Dr. Stevens’ wife.

Benet takes a piece of the meteorite back to Europe, where he modifies its effects to help people, including curing the blind. Working along similar lines, Rukh cures his mother’s blindness, but in spite of her warning, he goes to Paris to confront Benet and the others. There, he pretends to acknowledge his wife’s new relationship with Drake, but in reality, it is the first step in his plan for revenge. Rukh murders a Frenchman he closely resembles, making it appear that he has died and been rendered unrecognizable due to an accident with Radium X.

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