The Lady and the Monster 1944 — A Sci-fi / Horror Full Length Movie

The Lady and the Monster 1944 — A Sci-fi / Horror Full-Length Movie

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A picture from out of this world!
A great scientist trespasses upon the secrets of life and love!! (original poster)
Gripping as a scream in the night! (original poster)
This is the LADY who was loved by the MONSTER
Did DEATH hold the key to her heart?
REPUBLIC brings you a Box Office CHILLER!
His Sadistic Brain Lived On! In Death!

A millionaire’s brain is preserved after his death and telepathically begins to take control of those around him. —Anonymous

A scientist (Erich von Stroheim) and his two assistants (Vera Hruba Ralston, Richard Arlen) keep a dead criminal’s brain alive.

Plot: Spoilers?
Professor Franz Mueller (Erich von Stroheim) is the proud owner of his self-built advanced scientific laboratory set in an old castle in the middle of the dry Arizona desert. Mueller specializes in research on the human brain and obsessively conducts experiments on brain tissue, believing that a human brain can be maintained even after a man’s death. He also believes that the knowledge contained in a deceased person’s brain can be transferred to another person. Mueller is assisted in his attempts to prove his theory by another scientist, Patrick Cory (Richard Arlen), and his young Czechoslovakian-American ward, Janice Farrell. Mueller is painfully aware of the fact that his assistants Cory and Janice are attracted to each other, but since Mueller himself is in love with Janice he does everything in his power, including abusing his powers as a boss to assign Cory to additional late-night work and use the fact that the young man is far too devoted to his work, to keep the two love-birds apart and improve his own chances. When a plane crashes in the desert close to the laboratory one night, Mueller is asked by the rangers investigating the crash cause to take care of the only surviving man until a physician arrives. The man dies before the doctor gets there and is declared dead. The physician, Dr. Martin, reassures Mueller that someone will come to take care of the body the next day, but while waiting for that person, Mueller decides to test his theory about brain maintenance. With the help of his instruments, Mueller is able to decide that the man’s brain is still alive enough to use. Before the body is reclaimed he and Cory remove the brain. They are also able to determine, from searching through the dead man’s clothes, that the body belongs to an infamous investment banker named William H. Donovan.

In the morning the wife of the late banker, Mrs. Chloe Donovan (Helen Vinson), arrives with the family lawyer, Eugene Fulton (Sidney Blackmer), to transport the remains from the castle. Upon arrival, the lawyer inquires Mueller about the late Donovan’s last words and Mueller tells him that there were none, since the man died without regaining his conscience after the crash. Not believing that Mueller is entirely truthful, Fulton remains in the nearby area to further investigate the last hours of Donovan’s life before he was declared dead. Despite Janice’s pleading Cory insists on staying at the castle to finish the experiment with the brain. Through spying on the castle Fulton finds out that Donovan’s brain is still intact in a container, but he doesn’t act to retrieve it from the scientists but lets them continue the experiment, well aware of that Donovan didn’t leave a penny for his wife in his will. Fulton has his own interest in the matter, since he is Mrs. Donovan’s lover, and he secretly hopes that the scientist succeeds in making the brain work, so he can extract information about where Mr. Donovan has hidden away his fortune. When Mueller and Cory treat the brain with plasma, it gains the ability to communicate with the world through telepathy. The brain tells Cory that he must go to the Los Angeles Federal Prison. The plasma stimulation continues with higher and higher doses, even though Janice tries to interrupt the treatment, and soon Cory’s brain is hijacked by late Mr. Donovan’s brain entirely.

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One thought on “The Lady and the Monster 1944 — A Sci-fi / Horror Full Length Movie

  • September 22, 2020 at 6:02 pm

    Wait, isn't this titled "Donivan's Brain"?
    Back on an edit. My mistake. "Donovan's Brain (1953)" seems to be the second film version of the original novel that shared it's name. You should upload it too, so we can compare them.


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