The Last Man on Earth 1964 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

The Last Man on Earth 1964 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

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By night they leave their graves, crawling, shambling, through empty streets, whimpering, pleading, begging for his blood!
Do you dare to imagine what it would be like to be… the last man on earth… or the last woman?
Alive among the lifeless… alone among the crawling creatures of evil that make the night hideous with their inhuman craving!

When a disease turns all of humanity into the living dead, the last man on earth becomes a reluctant vampire hunter. —J. Spurlin

The survivor (Vincent Price) of a global epidemic battles a race of zombie vampires in an adaptation of Richard Matheson’s “I Am Legend.”

Synopsis: Spoilers?
The synopsis below may give away important plot points.
Robert Morgan (Vincent Price) is the last man on earth, as far as he can tell. A plague killed everyone else on the planet several years ago. He was immune to it, and can only guess why. Vampires that were formerly human attack Morgan’s home every night

Morgan’s days are spent shoring up his home against the vampire hordes, picking up supplies in the abandoned city, and eliminating his enemies by searching out and destroying the bloodsuckers while they sleep. He maintains mirrors and garlic strands around his house and fashions stakes on his lathe to use on the walking dead. He also conducts experiments on the bacteria that caused this plague in an effort to find a cure.

He remembers the early days of the plague, when his former friend and lab partner, Ben Cortman (Giacomo Rossi Stuart) tried to warn Morgan of what was to come. Morgan dismissed his fears and continued life as usual.

The vampires outside Morgan’s home are led by Ben Cortman, who has made it his personal mission to kill Morgan. “Morgan, come out!” is the nightly chant that torments him.

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Plot: Spoilers?
It is 1968, and Dr. Robert Morgan (Vincent Price) lives in a world where everyone else has been infected by a plague that has turned them into undead, vampiric creatures that cannot stand sunlight, fear mirrors, and are repelled by garlic. They would kill Morgan if they could, but they are weak and unintelligent. Every day Morgan carries out the same routine: he wakes up, marks another day on the calendar, gathers his weapons, and then goes hunting for vampires, killing as many as he can and then burning the bodies to prevent them from coming back. At night, he locks himself inside his house.

A flashback sequence explains that, three years earlier, Morgan’s wife Virginia, and daughter Kathy had succumbed to the plague before it was widely known by the public that the dead would return to life. Instead of taking his wife to the same public burn pit used to dispose of his daughter’s corpse, Morgan buried her without the knowledge of the authorities. When his wife returned to his home and attacked him, Morgan became aware of the need to kill the plague victims with a wooden stake. Morgan hypothesizes that he is immune to the bacteria from a bite by an infected vampire bat when he was stationed in Panama, which may have introduced a diluted form of the plague into his blood.

One day, a dog appears in the neighborhood. Desperate for companionship, Morgan chases after the dog but does not catch it. Sometime later the dog appears, wounded, at Morgan’s doorstep. He takes the dog into his home and treats its wounds, looking forward to having company for the first time in three years. He quickly discovers, however, that it, too, has become infected with the plague. Morgan is seen burying the dog, which he has impaled with a wooden stake. Morgan sinks further into depression and loneliness.

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    By night they leave their graves, crawling, shambling, through empty streets, whimpering, pleading, begging for his blood!


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