The Maze 1953 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Full Length

The Maze 1953 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Full Length

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A Scotsman abruptly breaks off his engagement to pretty Kitty and moves to his uncle’s castle in the Scottish highlands. Kitty and her aunt follow Gerald a few weeks later and discover he has suddenly aged. Some mysterious things happen in a maze made from the hedges adjoining the castle. —Marty McKee (

The hero of The Maze turns out to be a giant frog, but that’s hardly the most unbelievable aspect of this one-of-a-kind melodrama. It all begins when Scotsman Gerald McTeam (Richard Carlson) is called away to his ancestral mansion just before his marriage to Kitty (Veronica Hurst). Several weeks pass before it dawns on Kitty and her aunt Mrs. Murray (Katherine Emery, who narrates the film) that Gerald may not be coming back. The two women head to the mansion, where Gerald refuses to see them. The household servants likewise refuse access to Kitty and her aunt, but the two women intend to get to the bottom of the mystery, the solution of which seems to be somewhere in the huge maze in the rear of the castle. And that’s all that can be revealed without giving the game away. Lensed in 3D, The Maze was one of two fascinating fantasy films directed in 1953 by production designer William Cameron Menzies: the other was Invaders from Mars.

Synopsis: Spoiler?
The movie opens with an oblique aerial view of The Maze of hedges and a pond to mark its center at Craven Castle in Scotland. A simple wooden door, marked “Keep Out,” swings open and title and credits roll over the bushes that make up the entry to The Maze. A light, high up in a single window of the castle shines. A man, William (Michael Pate) opens the window and calls to his co-worker, Robert (Stanley Fraser) who runs back into the castle. They discuss their master and walk back up to the tower room. As they discuss the options over the dead body of Sir Samuel MacTeam we hear a shuffling sound. Much of the story is told as a flashback by Edith Murray (Katherine Emery). Aunt Edith tells us it happened in a remote castle in Scotland. It started a year before when she and her niece gathered in the south of France at Cannes for an engagement party. Seated in the restaurant was Richard Roblar (Robin Hughes), the soon to be best man. To his right is Kitty Murray (Veronica Hurst), then Aunt Edith and finally Gerald MacTeam (Richard Carlson) on the far right.

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Plot: Spoilers?
A Scotsman named Gerald MacTeam (Richard Carlson) abruptly breaks off his engagement to pretty Kitty (Veronica Hurst) after receiving word of his uncle’s death. He inherits a mysterious castle in the Scottish highlands and moves there to live with the castle servants. Kitty refuses to accept the broken engagement and travels with her aunt (Katherine Emery) to the castle. When they arrive, they discover that Gerald has suddenly aged and his manner has changed significantly.

After a series of mysterious events occur in both the castle and the hedge maze outside, they invite a group of friends, including a doctor, to the castle in the hopes that they can help Gerald with whatever ails him. Although the friends are equally concerned by Gerald’s behavior, they are at a loss as to its cause. One night, Kitty and her aunt steal a key to their bedroom door (which is always locked from the outside) and sneak out into the mysterious maze. There they discover Gerald and his servants tending to a frog-like monster. The monster panics upon seeing the strangers and runs back to the castle, hurling itself from a top-story balcony to its death.

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