The Time Machine 1960– A Time Travel Movie Trailer

The Time Machine 1960– A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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You Will Orbit into the Fantastic Future!
The Time Machine whirls you to a world of amazing adventure in the year 800,000!

A man’s vision for a utopian society is disillusioned when traveling forward into time reveals a dark and dangerous society. —Jesse Di Campli

The time traveler (Rod Taylor) invents a machine that transcends the boundaries of time and space. As each year passed, the window mannequin in the store across the street changes fashions with the times. He is able to increase the speed of the machine as seasons fly by in a matter of seconds. The traveler advanced millennia into the future and finds a group of people enslaved to the powers of a subterranean underworld. The film is taken from the novel by H. G. Wells.

Synopsis: Spoilers?
The movie opens with a man walking down the street having just left a building in the late-Victorian era London. It’s wintertime, and the man pulls his coat around himself and hurries across the street. He knocks on the door of a house there, and a woman in late middle age lets him in. There he joins three other men who are sitting around the fire. The man’s name is David Filby, and he and the three other men have been invited to dinner by George, who owns the house. He asked them to come over at 8:00 p.m., and it’s just now 8, but George himself has yet to arrive. The date is January 5, 1900. The men are clearly unhappy about being kept waiting. A moment after 8, the woman, whose name is Mrs. Watchett, George’s maid, enters the room and passes Filby a note. She tells them that George has been missing for several days. The note says that George thought he might be late, and if he was, then she should serve dinner and they could start without him.

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Plot: Spoilers?
On January 5, 1900, four friends arrive for a dinner at the London home of their inventor friend George, but he is absent. He arrives suddenly, bedraggled and exhausted, and tells what has happened to him.

At their earlier dinner on New Year’s Eve, George says that time is “the fourth dimension”. He shows David Filby, Dr. Philip Hillyer, Anthony Bridewell, and Walter Kemp a small model time machine and has one of the press a tiny lever on the model. The device disappears, but his friends are skeptical.

George has a full-size time machine which he uses to travel ahead to September 13, 1917. He meets Filby’s son, James, who tells him of Filby’s death in a war. He then stops on June 19, 1940, during the Blitz, finding himself in the midst of “a new war”. George resumes his journey and stops on August 19, 1966. People hurry into a fallout shelter amid the blare of air raid sirens. An elderly James Filby urges George to take cover. Moments later, a nuclear satellite explodes, causing a volcanic eruption. George narrowly makes it back to his machine ahead of the approaching lava, which rises, cools, and hardens, trapping him inside, as he travels far into the future. Eventually, the lava wears away, revealing a lush, unspoiled landscape.

George stops on October 12, 802,701, near the base of a sphinx. He finds a group of delicate young men and women wearing simple clothing gathered at a stream. One woman carried off by the current, screams for help, but her companions show no concern. George rescues her. She says her name is Weena and her people are the Eloi; they do not operate machines, work, or read, and know little of history. One of them takes George to a library, but when he tries to read a book, it crumbles to dust. Outraged, he decides to leave but discovers that his machine has been dragged into the closed sphinx. Weena follows, telling him Morlocks, who only come out at night, are responsible. A hideous Morlock jumps out and tries to drag her away, but is blinded by George’s torch.

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