The Time Traveller 1984 — aka The Next One — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

The Time Traveller 1984 — aka The Next One — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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Was he a criminal, a runaway or… a god?

An astronaut’s widow and her young son meet a stranger from the future on a Greek island. —Anonymous

In this standard sci-fi romance, the widow Andrea (Adrienne Barbeau) lives on a Greek island with her son Timmy (Jeremy Licht) and, like the other islanders, is amazed when a stranger Keir Dullea washes up on shore during a magnetic storm. She brings the apparently injured man home to help him recuperate his health, and a relationship develops between the two of them. At first, seeming to suffer from amnesia, the stranger has a mysterious quality that comes more into focus when he performs certain miracles. As he demonstrates his powers, it is slowly revealed that he is a time-traveler, and his brother, in fact, once traveled back 2,000 years further in time. That makes the stranger the “Next One” on this time journey — appearing as a second Christ to the population, at least for a while. With limited special effects and a chaste romantic scenario, this film debuted as a pay-for-view TV feature and was not released theatrically.

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