The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan 1979 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan 1979 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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The Year is 1979. Jennie has a husband. She also has a lover… a lover from another century who wants her forever!
A spine-tingling love story.
A supernatural tale of romance, time-travel, and murder!
When Jennie Logan fell in love with an old house and an antique dress, she never could have guessed where they might take her!
Which one will she choose?

Jennie Logan discovers an antique dress in her attic that allows her to travel back in time. Soon she’s torn between a life with her philandering husband and a romance with a handsome artist who was murdered at the turn of the century.

When a woman moves into a Victorian home, she finds a dress that, when worn, delivers her back in time in this made-for-television adventure adapted from David William’s novel, Second Sight.

Synopsis: Spoiler?
Jennie and Michael Logan move into a renovated Victorian house in an effort to repair their strained marriage. Under a dust cover in the attic, Jennie finds a lovely cream-colored vintage dress from the 1890s. She decides to have the tear in the shoulder repaired and wear the dress while entertaining. The first time she wears the dress, she is stricken by dizziness and passes out. When she comes to, she recognizes the attic of her home but it is now an artist’s studio. She creeps to the door and hears agitated voices downstairs. A man is shouting “Pamela! Pamela!” Then she passes out again and awakes in her own time. That night she and Michael are awakened by the sound of breaking glass. Something has broken the glass in the door of an antique cabinet. Michael suggests it is because the glass is so old. He sweeps it up and puts it into the trash can.

Wanting to find out more about the house, Jennie visits the local historical society. Mrs. Bates, the director, tells her that the house was once owned by an artist, David Reynolds. In 1899 he married Pamela Harrington, daughter of a wealthy and influential man. She was killed the day after the wedding and her father blamed David. Rumor had it that David had seen Pamela’s ghost several times. He was later found dead of a gunshot wound and no one ever knew what really happened. Some said Mr. Harrington had him killed, others said it was the woman he had taken up with after Pamela’s death. Mrs. Bates shows Jennie the only painting by David Reynolds that had survived. Jennie is shocked to see that the woman in the painting resembles her and is wearing a cream-colored dress similar to hers. Mrs. Bates suggests that she talk to “Aunt Betty” Wilkins, a century-old woman who knows a lot of the town’s history. Aunt Betty isn’t really Mrs. Bates’ aunt but everyone calls her that because she has done so much for the town.

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Plot: Spoilers?
Michael Logan and his wife, Jennie, are trying to salvage their marriage after Jennie finds out about Michael’s infidelity. They move into an old Victorian house in rural New England. In the attic, Jennie, who is a Victorian at heart, finds an authentic Victorian white dress under a protective cover, thick with dust. The dress is intact except for one small tear in the fabric at the shoulder.

After having the dress repaired, Jennie decides to wear it and admires herself in the mirror in the attic. She begins experiencing excruciating headaches, and the room swirls around her. When the headache ceases, she finds herself still up in the attic, in the dress, yet the attic is now an artist’s studio, complete with Victorian artifacts. Upon hearing muffled sounds from below, she hears a woman scream, as a man’s voice downstairs is yelling, “Pamela.” Terrified, Jennie shuts her eyes and finds herself back in the spot she was, in the present.

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