The Wasp Woman 1959

The Wasp Woman 1959 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Trailer

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Horror Of The Winged Menace!
A beautiful woman by day – a lusting queen wasp by night.
Strong men forced to satisfy a passion no human knows.

A scientist develops a youth formula for a cosmetics queen from jelly taken from queen wasps, failing to anticipate the typical horrible side effects.

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One of schlock horror-meister Roger Corman’s favored actresses Susan Cabot stars as the title character, otherwise known as Janet, in this her last feature film for Corman. Janet is the aging but still glamorous head of a cosmetics firm who is looking for a way to improve her visage. Zinthrep (Michael Marks) has come up with yet another of those strange-sounding lotions or cremes designed to enrich the coffers of their manufacturers as the ladies surge to buy them. This time around, an ingredient taken from wasps is substituted for an original ingredient from bees. While the immediate effect is exciting, the subsequent effects are even more so because the miracle lotion turns Janet into a wasp and a rather well-developed wasp at that. So the poor woman, suffering under the throes of unexpected wasphood, murders a few shocked employees in a rather gruesome manner. Not overly frightening, this film is a typical Roger Corman entry in the horror genre.

Synopsis: Spoilers?
We open in a dusty field with a man in a beekeeper suit searching for a wasp nest. Dr. Eric Zinthrop (Michael Mark) spots a particularly nice specimen. He applies smoke to the nest, breaks the branch off, and places it in a box. Zinthrop returns to the beehive area and talks to one of the beekeepers tending one of the many hives. A company representative, Mr. Barker (Gene Corman), arrives at the grove and chats with one of the beekeepers, Renfro (Aron Kincaid) about production quotas and Zinthrop’s research, or lack of a report. He is escorted up to Zinthrop’s shack. Zinthrop explains his research to Barker on the extraction of royal jelly from wasps and its effects on aging. As an example he shows Barker two dogs, the same age, yet one looks like a puppy. Zinthrop has been injecting the smaller one with his formula. Barker fires Zinthrop on the spot.

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Plot: Spoilers?
In Hill’s prologue, a scientist, Dr. Eric Zinthrop (Michael Mark), is fired from his job at a honey farm for experimenting with wasps.

The founder and owner of a large cosmetics company, Janice Starlin (Susan Cabot), is disturbed when her firm’s sales begin to drop after it becomes apparent to her customer base that she is aging. Zinthrop has been able to extract enzymes from the royal jelly of the queen wasp that can reverse the aging process. Janice agrees to fund further research, at great cost, provided she can serve as his human subject. Displeased with the slowness of the results, she breaks into the scientist’s laboratory after hours and injects herself with extra doses of the formula. Zinthrop becomes aware that some of the test creatures are becoming violent and goes to warn Janice, but before he can reach anyone, he gets into a car accident. He is thus temporarily missing and Janice goes through great trouble to find him, eventually taking over his care.

Janice continues her clandestine use of the serum and sheds 20 years in a single weekend, but soon discovers that she is periodically transformed into a murderous, wasp-like creature. Eventually, Zinthrop throws a jar of carbolic acid at her face, and another character, using a chair, pushes her out of a high window, the impact killing her.

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