Time Trackers 1989 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

Time Trackers 1989 — A Time Travel Movie Trailer

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When an evil scientist steals his colleague’s time machine, his colleague’s beautiful, brilliant daughter, aided by an L.A. cop and a hapless admirer (Wil Shriner), pursues him back to twelfth-century England, where, disguised as a damsel in distress, she enlists the help of a knight errant whose secret past holds the key to her future. —Concorde – New Horizons (with permission).

In this time-bending sci-fi film, three scientists living in the year 2033 must find the evil doctor who has purloined a time machine and is using it to go back in time to ensure that his rivals are never born. During their travels, the scientists make stops in the 1990s New York and merry old medieval England.

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