Tobor the Great 1954 — aka Tobor — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Full Length

Tobor the Great 1954 — aka Tobor — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Full Length

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A man-Made monster with every human emotion

A young boy-genius befriends his grandfather’s robot, designed as a test pilot for space travel and coveted by foreign spies. —J. Spurlin

A young boy’s beloved companion, the robot Tobor, is kidnapped by nefarious communists who wish to change him into a force for evil. This sci-fi adventure, aimed towards a children’s audience, follows the boy’s effort to save his friend from the communists’ villainous clutches.

Synopsis: Spoilers?
As technology has improved nuclear power plants have shrunk to the size that they now are housed in submarines. At the same time, rockets were growing larger and larger, till a stage was reached where rockets could be nuclear powered. This lead to the formation of a new agency, the CIFC (Civil Interplanetary Flight Commission)

The CIFCs job was to develop newer more efficient rocket motors and alloys to house such motors. Slowly all the obstacles were overcome. Only one factor remained, the human factor

We see an experimental centrifuge designed to test a human’s ability to withstand G force acceleration. The experiment is interrupted by Dr. Ralph Harrison (Charles Drake) when the potential astronaut passes out The other scientists are frustrated at Harrisons intervention. They were instructed to conduct the tests to the maximum extreme. Harrison goes to the commissioner and hands in his resignation; he declares he won’t be a party to such unsafe practices.

While Harrison is packing to leave Washington he is visited by Prof Nordstrom (Taylor Holmes) he explains he agrees with Harrisons position and is having the same argument with the CIFC Commissioner. Nordstrom has a solution but wants Harrisons aid to complete it. Harrison agrees with enthusiasm

Later at the airport waiting for their flight to California, Nordstrom and Harrison having dinner, discuss various elements of the project, a gentleman a few tables over takes great interest in the conversation before it is interrupted by a nosy news reporter. Harrison argues with the reporter that new speculation is leading to enemy nations learning secrets.

The reporter pushes back with the knowledge that it is known why Nordstrom resigned on the verge of the first spaceflight Arriving at a secluded compound, Nordstrom describes to Harrison the various security measures installed. He then introduces his daughter Janice (Karin Booth) and grandson Brian gadge Roberts, (Billy Chapin) Karl, (Franz Roehn) the professor’s assistant explains the boy’s father was killed during the Korean War.

Later Nordstrom is getting ready for a demonstration. Various US science journalists arrive and are put through a series of elaborate security checks before being allowed to enter.

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Plot: Spoilers?
At his underground laboratory in Los Angeles, Professor Nordstrom (Taylor Holmes), worried that manned space exploration is too dangerous, enlists the help of Dr. Ralph Harrison (Charles Drake), who recently left the new government-appointed Civil Interplanetary Flight Commission. The two scientists embark on a research project to create a robot that can replace humans for space flight. Nordstrom’s daughter, Janice Roberts (Karin Booth), and her 11-year-old son Brian (Billy Chapin), nicknamed “Gadge”, become very interested in the project.

When a press conference is called to announce the creation of “Tobor”, reporters, such as the inquisitive journalist Gilligan (Alan Reynolds), are invited to Professor Harrison’s home to see the remarkable invention. In order to undertake space travel, the remote-controlled robot has been given some human capabilities, including the ability to “feel” emotions and react via a telepathic device built into his robotic brain. Under the watchful eyes of Harrison’s trusted assistant Karl (Franz Roehn), the giant robot Tobor is unveiled and then demonstrated. Unknown to the scientists, a foreign spy chief (Steven Geray) has quietly joined the group of reporters; he quickly draws up a plan to steal the robot.

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