Where Have All the People Gone 1974 — A Sci-fi / Horror Full-Length Movie

Where Have All the People Gone 1974 — A Sci-fi / Horror Full-Length Movie

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Is there anyone left alive in a world that seems dead?

A strange series of solar flares proves fatal for inhabitants of the Earth, except for the fortunate few who are somehow immune to the effects. Animals go insane and human beings turn to white powder, leaving behind only empty clothing. A handful of survivors attempt to rebuild their lives on the depopulated Earth.

—Michael White (mpwhite@firstam.com)
Earth encounters a massive solar flare that decimates almost all life on Earth. Only people who were underground during the solar event are unharmed while the rest are dead or dying. A band of survivors crosses the country to seek others in a world laid to waste.

A family man (Peter Graves) and other survivors (Verna Bloom, George O’Hanlon Jr.) head for home on the eve of destruction.

Plot: Spoilers?
On a camping trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains in central California, Steven Anders and his two teenage children, Deborah and David, are exploring a cave when they experience an earthquake. After emerging, they hear from a ranch-hand who was outside that there was a bright solar flash prior to the earthquake. He soon falls ill and dies, whereupon his body turns to a powdery substance. As the family comes down from the mountain to the nearest town, they discover that everyone has turned to the powdery substance inside their clothing, and there are few survivors.

Owing to fear and anxiety, most people they find are focused only on their own survival, but as the family tries to make their way home to Malibu (where the mother had returned earlier from the camping trip), they find two people that need their help, as well as a man who invites them to be neighbors.

They face dangers ranging from wild dogs, who seem to have been driven mad from the solar flare, to a gunman who steals their car. They rescue a woman, Jenny, and later a young boy whose family was killed by two men who stole their car. Apart from the physical journey, they struggle to overcome the emotional trauma of the events.

They find their way home and discover a note left for them by the mother, who has also died and turned into a powdery substance. They are informed that a virus outbreak that began after the solar flare is responsible for most of the deaths and that some people have a genetic resistance. Despairing, Jenny tries to commit suicide by drowning herself in the ocean, but she is rescued. At the conclusion, they exude a hopeful outlook by embarking on a trek to northern California.

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