38 thoughts on “How fast can I make $100 with DoorDash? (Challenge)

  • It usually takes me 12 hours to make $120. I take orders over $10. Should I take these $5 and $6 orders?

  • Yes I do that
    got to get every drop of gas, even got to lift the hose😂

  • Yesterday was my first day I made $125 in nine hours. I live in Las Vegas.

  • Life goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

  • Dislike for that 5.75 order going 4 miles

  • I never realized but I'm binge watching and the voice cracks are real in this vid LOL Great videos to binge watch.

  • nope, than won't ever happen where i live, i need at least 5.5 hrs to reach 100$

  • Doing this Part-time along with my Full-Time J.O.B., I work in an area of DoorDash that is both relatively long-distance North to South and challenging East to West due to the Mississippi River to the West and bluffs to the East. I work about as dead center of the zone with approximately 15 restaurants/convenience stores sandwiched between two Universities and residential areas. I'll take those $ 4.50-$6.50 orders all shift long. Reason, I can get 4 0r 5 delivery offers an hour to average between $20-$25 an hr. and mostly driving between 30 to 50 miles in a 5-hour shift!

  • Bruuuuhhh have some mercy on this brand new car. She is on 40K miles yet. At least you should get premium. Its better for your oil changes and long life of your engine, turbo etc. I mean if you gonna use it for a long time you should consider getting premium. But if you re thinking sell it after a while whoever get this car after 70-80K miles they will have good engine issues :)))

  • if you got 9 dollars every 13 minutes your time is worth 41/hour

  • You gotta lift the gasoline hose o er your head to get every drop. Noti e the swivel attached to the nozzle that allows you to do just that.

  • Nuggs the best dasher with the best video’s idk I really enjoy them

  • We don't take Wendy's in this car…..lol I can't even

  • I choose to watch nuggs cuz hes one of the few people that dash hard and actually entertain while doing it. Plus he's an Ohio boy so I can relate 🤘

  • Did $105 in baton rouge region last Saturday 530am to Noon(wasn't in baton rouge though delivered in denham springs/walker)///1 hour break from 930am to 1030am

  • Today i earnt 107 dollars in 3hrs and 40 Mins i think thats a new record for me

  • Must be a liberal with the mask on the stuffed animal in the backseat.

  • I waot at least 5 minutes where ever I go. But I make 80 in 2 hours so I can't complain

  • Funny how you started the day with the intention of seeing how fast you could make a hundred dollars and 5 hours later… Twenty bucks an hour isn't bad for dashing in the middle of no where; oops, Middletown Ohio. Maybe start every day with that intention. (I lived in Dayton for a few years – just messing with you)

  • I can’t take cheap orders because there is always the chance of a long wait lol

  • I pick up the actual gas pump hose to make sure I get every last drop lol.

  • Would be cool to see you do this challenge vs Kayla for one day

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