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How to get 50,000 Subscribers in a Year | How to Grow Your Music YouTube Channel

Learn exactly how to start and grow a music YouTube channel. For artists, producers and musicians, this video explains everything from content you can create, how to create it, thumbnails, titles and much much more.

Music marketing can be incredibility difficult but with YouTube you can not only make current fans more loyal but you can also reach an entirely new audience who will listen to your music, helping to promote it.

All of these tips lead to our channel growing by over 40,000 subscribers in just one year and reaching over 1.5 million views.

With that, here’s what Maddy covers in this video.

#1: First, she discusses the content that can be made for a music YouTube channel to guarantee views, growth and engaged fans. Whether you’re new to YouTube or want to improve your existing music channel, these tips will ensure you’re making the best content.

#2: You’ll learn how to structure your videos to have the highest watch time you can, hacking that algorithm so YouTube push your content out to more, meaning more fans!

#3: Now you’ve got the content sorted, the title and thumbnail need to be sorted to get the highest Click Through Rate. Learn how to title your videos and create the most effective thumbnails, so you get the most clicks.

#4: Next you need to do the nerdy things – description and tagging. These tips will mean your videos will come up in recommending and in search to get more reach.

#5: Now you’ve got the audience, what do you do? Finally, learn how to monetise from your music YouTube channel and grow your fanbase across other platforms from your YouTube.

Finish the video? You now have an effective plan for starting a music YouTube channel (and growing it).

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