How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube 🎬 (I Need Your Help!)

My YouTube channel has grown immensely because of the amount of effort my team and I have put forth however, there is always room for improvement. While I’ve gained a following of 20,000 subscribers thus far, there are still some things about YouTube that elude me. 🤔

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This video can be helpful to someone building a channel (as we will discuss things like titles, tags, descriptions, etc) but it’s mostly for my subscribers, who I hope can provide some insight. My fans are AWESOME 💗 and have supported me so much and because of that, I want to know what you think about everything that I do. Optimization matters, not only in terms of the backend, where we think about keywords and algorithms. What matters most is what the public wants and how they respond to what we create. As a creator, I want your help in building my YouTube channel. Maybe you can help me answer some of these questions:

⚙️ What are some video topic ideas that you may have?

⚙️ How could I make my videos more engaging to make you want to watch longer? Why don’t you finish watching a video in its entirety?

⚙️ Are contests and giveaways really that helpful? Have you seen other subject specific and/or industry specific channels grow and gain engagement from them?

⚙️ Do our thumbnails need a change?

⚙️ Are our titles enticing enough?

⚙️ Would you find captions helpful?

⚙️ What have you seen work well for other creators?


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