How to get More Subscribers on YouTube with JouleTheif – How To Be A YouTube Star Ep. 5

Want to get more views on your videos & subscribers to your channel? Teala Dunn & Alex Goyette aka JouleTheif have lots of great tips for helping you get a bigger following online. From making sure your videos look really awesome, to using social networks to promote your work, we’re gonna show you the secrets YouTube pros use to build the biggest channels possible.

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MyGlamMakeup – Everyday Winter Make up Routine –

SimiSweetG – Last Minute Smokey Green New Year Makeup and Outfit for Hijabi Girls –

DontFlashBack – FPS Gameplay Edit –

jhaden002 – Jay’s First Awesome Randomness & Parkour Practice –

MyLifeAsFabian – Diet Coke & Mentos Challenge –

2SeeFaith – American Girl Stopmotion Hike –

GOINGCRAZYVIDEOS5 – Quentin Smith Skate montage –

MaryMac031 – Beauty & the Beast Belle Makeup Tutorial –


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Host: Teala Dunn –

Written / Produced by: Alex Hoffman –
Directed / Produced by: Dustyn Lotz –

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